With all of the various pollutants in the air and the heavy use of chemical laden beauty and health products all of which takes its toll on our bodies, many people are now searching for products that can really maintain or enhance their natural skin. According to our scientists, the skin is the largest organ in the body and that we humans have a inherent interest to seek to maintain this skin of ours for our health first and foremost. In addition, our skin is composed of approximately 21 square feet of surface area and represents about 6% to 10% of our body weight, while our liver which is our second largest organ represents about 2.6% of our body weight.

So, with so much skin and its vital importance to our physical well-being, it behooves all of us to take the best care of it we can. Many people today are turning to nature as a way to maintain their skin, and they are doing this by using natural ingredients, such as roots, plants, herbs, oils, and other products that naturally occur in the land and are formed by nature. Many of these ingredients are used individually or combined with other natural products to enhance its effectiveness. The resultant natural products as combined are free of all synthetic chemicals.

One such natural product is African Shea Butter which has been around and used by Africans for hundreds of years because its source The Shea Tree was plentiful and in abundance in their environment. It is a product that comes from the fruit of the Shea Tree, a fruit eaten by the Africans and inside that fruit are nuts or seeds that if boiled, sun-dried, and then shelled, crushed, pounded and kneaded will produce Shea Butter. The consistency of this natural product is very similar to the butter we put on our bread, when it comes in contact with heat it will soften or melt, in this case we are talking body heat. Again keep in mind that Africans also used this product for food, for medicinal purposes and as a source of dietary fat.

So why is it so unique? Because of its natural ingredients, more specifically, Vitamins A, K, and F. Today its trendy to include Shea Butter in many health and beauty products on the markets, there literally has been a major increase in the awareness of this product and most definitely a monumental increase in the number of Shea Butter products on the market. I think people as a whole are more health conscious, more concerned about our environment today, and want products that are natural resources and not tainted with environmental pollutants.

How does one use African Shea Butter? Well, there are many, many uses for it; it is used to hydrate the body – that is to add moisture to it. For those who have dry, itchy, peeling skin, use some to alleviate this condition; reports have it that people with eczema have had excellent results using it. Use it for shaving; we have seen men and women use it both before shaving and after to reduce shaving drag and end with soft smooth skin. Use it on your babies, its excellent for baby rash as well as good for baby's skin. How about your scalp and hair- it's great for relieving dandruff (which is dry skin) and great as a hair dressing and hair conditioner. How about those wrinkles, most of which is caused by dry skin – use it to combat those wrinkles; consider it an anti-aging product because it will slow down the skin aging process and gently moisturize dry skin. Facial wrinkles will definitely make you look older – use this product to control those wrinkles and prevent them early in your life.

It can also be used as lip balm, sunscreen, for rheumatism, for nasal congestion, muscle and joint pain, protection against insect bites, it is also used as a base for condiments and soups, shampoos and soaps – there are so many uses of African Shea Butter they are too numerous to state. In summary, if you want a “back to nature product” use it, best results though have been recorded by using it in its raw unrefined state which is best and most beneficial for the body.