So cellulite, most girls do have it, and most girls want to get rid of it. So what can we do about this problem?

Surprisingly, it is not that difficult to get rid of, if you know exactly what to do.

Firstly, before we can banish cellulite, we must first understand it. Cellulite is the herniation of fat within the connective tissue that manifests in your skin as dimpling or lumpiness. Some of the factors that can cause cellulite to manifest are genetic predisposition, hormones, stress, toxins and circulatory / lymphatic insufficiency.


– Dry-brushing;
– Coffee scrub;
– Exfoliation;
– Stretching;
– Glute & hamstring exercises that focus on muscle development;
– Overall fat loss; and
– Non-invasive medical procedures such as Endermologie, Mesotherapy and Velasmooth.

the five secrets to banishing cellulite for good

1. Make your dry brush your best friend. Dry brushing everyday in a motion away from your heart encourages circulation and lymphatic flow. A lack of circulation and lymphatic flow can be a cause of cellulite. You can also incorporate stretching and massage in to encourage circulation;

2. De-stress! Stress can cause hormone fluctuations which can cause cellulite to accumulate;

3. Work on building really good muscle tone with resistance training in areas affected by cellulite; and

4. Drink plenty of water and stay away from toxins such as too much caffeine, alcohol, dietary toxins and cigarettes. Water will also help your body flush the toxins out.

5. Reduce overall body fat. By reducing your overall body fat you will be reducing the area where cellulite can accumulate. If you work on reducing body fat in conjuction on building muscle tone in your thighs and butt area you will notice dramatic results and will have lean and amazing looking legs in no time at all!


Even models have cellulite, it does not discriminate. The best thing you can do is work toward minimization and take all the steps you can, as outlined above, and you will see at the very least obvious minimization, if not eradication of the problem all together.

Do not hesitate
Getting rid of cellulite will make you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You will feel relief and full of self-confidence. Try working these tips into your everyday routine and you will soon see amazing results!

I think every woman would want to do something about their cellulite – Tyra Banks