Shaving Tips for Men

There is not a man on the planet that enjoys a tug-and-pull, dry shave that leads to aftershave rash. Not only does it hurt, but it really puts a damper on your image. There is a way around this common problem, and shaving can actually become a pleasurable experience. These shaving tips have been compiled by veteran barbers that want everyone to be able to enhance their own shaving capabilities.

1. One of the keys to a painless, clean shave is making sure that your facial hair is wet. Facial hair will absorb moisture up to 30% of its volume. When the hair is swollen with water, it becomes weak, and therefore easier to cut. Taking a hot shower would be most ideal to insure the facial pores are open and your hairs are full of water, but if that is not possible, placing a hot towel on your face or splashing water will suffice. “Shaving dry” is the primary cause to razor burn.

2. Choosing a quality shaving cream is essential to one's shaving experience. A high quality shaving cream will contain more lubricants and moisturizers. A quality shaving cream will generally have less foaming and create a reach creamy lather. The primary function of shaving cream is to allow the blade to glide over the facial hair areas. A good shaving cream will not only prevent nicks and cuts, but will act as a moisturizer for your face as well. Shaving cream should be left on your face for no less than a minute before shaving to keep the beard as soft and wet as possible.

3. Ideally, you should shave in the direction of the beard growth, or in other words, shave with the grain. Typically, you should start with the sides, work your way towards the mustache and lip area, then lastly, the chin. Chin hairs are the toughest and most stubborn; leaving them for last will allow the water and shaving cream to soften the hairs as long as possible. If a close shave is still wanted after shaving with the grain, shaving against the grain will now cause less irritation on the skin.

4. The final step in your shave needs to consist of a good rinse. Wash your face of all the oils with hot water (some people then suggest applying tea tree oil, a cleansing product) then pat dry your face with a towel. Be sure to pat dry, not rub; at this point your skin is still sensitive from the shave, rubbing may cause irritation and aftershave rash.

Follow these four steps and guidelines to help you achieve your cleanest shave yet. Say goodbye to shaving problems and hello to healthy skin.