It is no doubt that you may feel overwhelmed when looking for the best cellulite cream to use. For instance, just by doing a product search on Amazon will bring back hundreds of results on different lotions and creams for cellulite reduction.

What we will discuss here are the key ingredients to look for when purchasing a cellulite cream. We will also discuss other, more natural methods of how to get rid of cellulite.

What Ingredients Your Cellulite Cream Should Have

1. Caffeine. Yep, that's right. Not only do you want to get your daily fix from the local coffee shop, but if you choose to use a cream to get rid of cellulite, caffeine should be one of the main ingredients.


As you know, caffeine is a vasodilator, which opens up the blood vessels and arteries in order to help the body flush out the toxins in the affected areas. The caffeineine stimulates the skin to help the body wash away the fat.

2. Retinol A. You may have heard about this ingredient in your facial creams. Retinol A is derived from Vitamin A and is used as a skin firming and toning agent. It works by keeping the elasticity of the skin in tact by repairing collagen fibers in the cellulite areas.

Other Key Ingredients in Top Cellulite Creams

Some other ingredients you will find in popular cellulite creams are

  • Shea Butter – It helps with skin moisturizing
  • Green Tea Extract – helps detoxify and with blood circulation
  • Capsicum – Similar to caffeine, helps as a vasodilator
  • Horsetail Extract – aids in skin firmness

What If You Want To Eliminate Cellulite Naturally?

So maybe you have tried some of the best cellulite creams on the market and found out that the results were not to your liking, as you felt like you were just covering up the problem.

Many experts in cellulite reduction feel as if the lotions and creams are not the ultimate solution and only temporarily solve 'some' of the problems.

Other women may choose to change their diet and exercise routine slightly to get longer lasting cellulite reduction. The good news is that for most women who already have an exercise routine, a few new exercises can be introduced that will help speed up the process!

And regards to diet, just substituting a few different foods can speed up not only cellulite removal, but also with weight loss. Now who does not want that?