Celebrities are human just like everyone else. The only difference that makes them stand out is their looks, special talents, and very famous names. Nonetheless, there is one other thing, which does separate them from other regular people and this is their extreme vanity. Some stars in the name of this huge vanity have done some crazy things. One of these things is to have some form of dangerous surgery, so as to, be able to avoid stretch marks all together.

Early C-Sections In The Name Of Vanity To Avoid Stretch Marks

One of the forms of surgeries that female celebrities do have done is early c-sections in the name of vanity. These kind of surgeries are something that can prove to be dangerous to both mother and baby on all fronts. These early c-sections are supposedly to prevent pregnancies marks and delivery of baby. Therefore, they do subject them to it, if only to protect their good looks and body at the end of the day.

Celebrities are not immune to stretch marks

People may believe that celebrities are super bees and above us. However, such is not the truth, nor is it reality either. This is because celebrities are every inch as human as we are. They are not immune from getting Striae, as well, in addition. If anything, they can do good preventive steps to keep stretch marks away, and still end up developing them anyhow despite their preventive measures.

Is there body makeup that celebrities use to hide stretch marks?

Body makeup is just one way that celebrities do hide their stretch marks very successfully from view. This is because they do not want anyone to know that they do have them. This body makeup is nothing more than a concealer that is able to visibly hide ugly marks from the prying eyes of cameras and people. This is just one means to attain an end and that end is to minimize the visibility of stretch marks as much as possible.

What are some stretch mark treatments that celebrities have done?

Celebrities go for the real expensive forms of treatments in order to hide their Striae. Sometimes, this course of treatment can be all about cosmetic surgery, and at other times about microdermabrasion or laser treatments. Whatever form of treatment that celebs do use is usually something that is very expensive in price and not something that regular people can afford to pay out of pocket for overall.

What are some of the dangerous surgeries that celebrities do for stretch marks?

Some of the dangerous surgeries that celebrities do expose themselves to are not all about early c-sections. There is also the very famous laser re-surfacing treatments and chemical peels. Celebrities will always try to go a step above everyone else else just because they can. Nonetheless, why place yourself on the line, by having something dangerous done to yourself in order to fulfill your vanity.


Vanity at the end of the day is just vanity. It is not something to risk your life on. Looking good is a good thing, yes, but it is not everything. There are far more important things in life than just one's looks and physical beauty. So, with this said, nothing matters if you are a celerity or not. We all bleed the same, cry the same, and go on living or dying. It does not matter if we are renamed or not. Self love is important, but it's not everything, and not worth putting your life on the line over.