So you started noticing how your after-hours party schedule waked havoc on your face? Is your skin red, pigmented and ready to break out? Are tan lines showing up? Is acne making your life miserable?

Relax! We have a brand that aims to provide you with bespoke skincare solutions that'll make your skin smoother, healthier and happier.

Dermalogica – Your One Stop Solution To Skin Therapy.

Its mineral-based beauty products and holistic skincare regimen have worked wonders for over 2.85 million women in USA and Canada. As a result, Dermalogica is ranked high by Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Allure. It also received the UK Beauty Award and the Guild Award for its path-breaking products.

Thinking of making Dermalogica your favorite brand? Great! Here are top eight reasons you should consider doing so.

1. Pre-Cleanse Solution

This double cleansing solution is great for wiping off make-up residues, oils, dust and dirt, without clogging the pores on the skin surface. The apricot and olive oils in this lotion ensures that your skin stays hydrated.

2. Clean Bar

This has to be the gentlest product for male skin. The Clean Bar exfoliates your skin without stripping it of its natural oils and moisture – perfect for use between your shaving days.

3. Daily Groomers

Whether it is moisturizing creams to keep your skin radiant and fresh or shampoos and conditioners that ensure you never have a bad hair day, daily groomers (available individually or in a kit) is your way to stay stylish on the go – perfect for chic travelers .

4. Climate Control Lip Treatment

Be it the frigid winter morning or the intensely hot afternoon, your lips have to bear the brunt of bad weather. Investing in the climate control lip treatment, equipped with shea butter, anti-ozonate complex and vitamin E looks like the perfect way to keep your lips luscious and moist.

5. Clear Start

Nearly 40% of the teenage population across the world has acne. A mind-boggling 27% adults have acne too. Clear Start, a tea-tree oil based acne solution attested by the American Institute of Dermatology, has been proven to completely prevent mild to moderate cases of acne with no side-effects whatever.

6. AGE Smarter Kit

Wrinkles, age lines or black spots on your face – anything that's making you look older can now be directed away with the all-inclusive AGE smarter kit. It contains the complete care solution that you can use for a full month to get healthy, firmer, taut skin.

7: Exfoliating Face Brush

Your face needs exfoliation once every fortnight. The exfoliating face brush is a powerful tool that will help prevent breakouts, black heads and white heads by helping you shed worn-out skin. Moreover, its gentle bristles ensure your face is not hurt in the process.

8. Travel Size Products

So, you're traveling abroad and are worried about having to pack your entire range of Dermalogica products? Do not be. The travel kit with travel size products consist of the same goodies, albeit in smaller sizes.

Like they say, show your skin some love, and watch it show you the same love right back. Dermalogica is indeed, the gateway to happier and healthy looking skin.