Dark circles are a common under eye skin problem, and some people get them more often than others. They can be frustrating, especially if they keep appearing regularly. Here are some treatment ideas you can use the next time you see dark spots forming under your eyes.

Target the Source

There are a number of reasons why you may have dark circles. They are often caused by lack of sleep or by sleeping poorly. They can also appear if you're having an allergic reaction. To reduce puffy eyes, try targeting the source of them. If your allergies are bothering you, try taking an anti-histamine pill. If you're getting dark spots because you're not sleeping enough, try to find ways to get more sleep every night. Targeting the source is a great way to quickly diminish them.

Use Eye Renewal Cream

The best treatment is a dark circle eye cream. This cream contains ingredients that will reduce puffiness, and it will make the skin around your eyes appear years younger. Plus, eye renewal cream will build up the collagen in the skin around your eyes, and it will lighten your skin up, which diminishes the appearance of dark circles. When you use eye renewal cream, the discoloration in your skin will be improved, and they will fade away.

Protect your Skin with Sunscreen

Since the skin around your eyes is so thin, it can easily get damaged from the sun, which can lead to dark circles. When you're putting on your sunscreen, be sure not to forget the skin around your eyes. If your skin is sensitive, try using a zinc oxide sunblock. You should also wear sunglasses with UV protection.

Wash your Face with Cool Water

If you wash your face with hot water, it can make puffiness more visible. It can also dry out your skin, which can cause dark circles. When you're washing your face in the morning and the evening, use cool water – it will refresh your skin and make your eyes look great.

Put Cucumber Slices on your Eyes

Cucumber slices are an easy way to reduce your dark circles. Cucumbers have skin-lightening properties, and they're also a mild astringent. Cucumbers will soothe and refresh your eyes. Try putting chilled cucumber slices on your eyes twice a day, in the morning and the evening, until they are gone.

These treatments for dark circles are simple yet very effective. When you do these five things, they will at first quickly lighten and then they'll go away completely.