Many people wonder how do you get rid of stretch marks? When the body suddenly changes in size during such times as puberty, a pregnancy, or rapid weight gain, stretch marks can develop.

Statistics show that 90% of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks on either their abdomens, thighs, or hips. Unfortunately, evidence shows that genetics play a part as well. Therefore, if your mother developed stretch marks, the odds are against you.

On a good note, there are many things that can prevent this marks from ever developing along with diminishing how both the old and new ones look. Review some of the following helpful options. They are listed in order from the easiest to the most difficult to implement.

Proven Topical Options

Try using a moisturizer daily. A study performed comparing herbal-rich moisturizers revealed that people who used lotion everyday showed a fundamental improvement in their skin's elasticity and appearance. When the skin is fully hydrated, the chance of it teething and producing stretch marks greatly increases.


Another study performed by a major university suggested that people who regularly applied Retin-A on their fresh stretch marks noticed a huge improvement in their skin. Retin-A is believed to boost the skin's collagen production, increasing the elasticity and therefore avoiding tears.

Note: if you are pregnant or nursing do not use any products that contain retinoic acid since it can potentially produce birth defects.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid can increase collagen production when used on these marks making the skin more elastic in general. Since it's an AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), it's considered a member of the same family of compounds typically used for chemically peeling the skin.

Glycolic acid may be purchased over-the-counter and is safe to apply during pregnancy. You may obtain a more powerful dose prescribed by a licensed dermatologist for a more extreme treatment.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is thought by many to be a miraculous cure for this. However, evidence shows that it works better on women who were previously pregnant than as an effect agent used overall.

Unproven Topical Options

Try using essential oils. They can be applied directly on the skin, or use a carrier such as an unscented moisturizer or organic coconut oil to make them easier to apply. Here are some common oils for addressing stretch marks:

– rose
– helichrysum
– myrrh
– eranium
– frankincense

Laser Treatment Alternatives

For new marks, utilize a vascular laser (pulsed dye laser). This kind of treatment can eliminate the preliminary redness and works best on newly developed marks.

Be aware that vascular laser treatments are not as effective on dark skinned women. Similar to hair removal, the procedure works better when there is a significant contrast between the skin's pigment and the target.

Surgical Alternatives

Some people desire a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). A tummy talk is actually a sure thing when it comes to getting rid of stretch marks since it literally cuts them out. It should only be used as a last resort when nothing else has worked.

Anyone who gets a tummy tummy should expect a long recovery. It may require up to four weeks off work and another six months until the area is fully healed.