Although age spots are not dangerous and do not cause any health problems, some people prefer to remove them mainly because they do not like how they look. Even though treatment is not necessary, there are available available age spots removal procedures. These treatments include:

Prescription medication from a doctor

Doctors may prescribe bleaching creams used to fade the spots. These bleaching creams may contain hydroquinone, while others may contain retinoid. This is a gradual process because these creams take a few weeks or even months to fade the age spots completely .

Medical procedures

Several medical procedures exist, although most are risky. The best way out is to ask a medical doctor about the treatment procedure that is suitable for your type of skin. The procedures consist of laser treatment. This treatment destroys cells that are responsible for producing melanin. Other medical procedures include:

  1. Freezing

Also referred to cryotherapy, it involves application of either liquid nitrogen or freezing agents to the age spots. This destroys the pigments formed on the skin. With time, the affected areas of the skin appear lighter. This method, cryotherapy only applies to single spots and less-affected areas. Freezing at times may irritate and pose risk of scars forming on the skin. It may also lead the skin to lose its natural color.

  1. Dermabrasion

For this procedure, one requires a brush; the rapid rotating brush cleans the surface of the skin. This procedure eliminates the old skin layer and replaces it with a new layer. One of the side effects is the redness of the skin, which is a temporary side effect. Scabs may also form when this treatment method is used.

  1. Chemical peel

This method involves applying acid on the areas affected by the age spots. Its basis of treatment is similar to dermabrasion since it deals with the removal of the old skin layer. The affected skin is replaced by new skin. Skin discoloration and slight irritation are some of the side effects reported.

Home treatment

Some home remedies of age spot removal are present, and they include over the counter creams that have turned out to be effective. Other home remedies that work include lemon juice because of its acid properties properties applying it regularly could help reduce how they appear.

Although several methods of treating the spots may be available, using sunscreens and avoiding direct sun may be the most effective way to prevent age spots.