Are you one of the many, many people who suffer from dry skin itchy skin, with skin that is flakey and sometimes stains or even cracks at places? I bet you can not seem to keep the dry skin away; it always comes back, sometimes only in the winter, or year-round, no matter what you do and which lotions you use for your skin!

If that's you, read on. I will share some tips on how to find the best facial cream for dry skin, as well as some other tips you might want to try, but the focus is on the facial cream.

The first thing to do is to take a look at what the moisturizer should contain, before going to the shop. There are lots of creams and moisturizers for dry skin on the market that actually can dry your skin even more, if you can believe that!

That's because they are filled with chemicals that have been put there to make the cream prettier, the consistency nicer, the shelf-life longer … NOT to make your skin feel better!

In fact, these promote more dryness and wrinkles if used for prolonged periods. Ingredients like alcohol, parabens and different kinds of dioxanes should be avoided as much as you can – these are potentially dangerous ingredients that definitely do not belong on your skin.

The alternative is to go all natural.

In my experience, the best dry skin facial creams, and all skin care in fact, is an all-natural product. That means no chemicals added! Look for a natural lotion for dry skin with ingredients that have been proven to be effective. There are a few natural ingredients that do wonders for dry skin; my tip is you look for creams with these ingredients in them:

  • Shea butter . Best used in a night cream, because it's very rich and takes some time to absorb into the skin. It's amazing for skin that is dry!
  • Babassu wax. It's great because it forms a kind of a barrier on the skin, enabling the skin to retain more moisture, so making it well-hydrated
  • Natural Vitamin E. This vitamin is especially good for older skin that is dry, as it's really powerful in fighting the signs of aging.

Once you find the best facial cream for your skin, make sure to use it regularly and your skin condition should start to improve. If it does not, you should continue your search until you really find a cream that works for you.

But do not forget other aspects of taking care of dry skin, either! Remember to drink enough water, take a daily multivitamin and sometimes an Omega-3 supplement. Combined with a skin care routine with superior products, you will surely see changes on your skin in no time!