In a perfect world, your face would be nice and smooth after each shave. However, placing two or three blades against your face on a daily basis will eventually lead to some war wounds. Whether it's a small cut on your Adam's apple or a deer laceration on the soft skin above your lip, injuries such as this are bound to happen. The good news is that you can typically reduce their appearance while encouraging them to heal faster by using the right product.

Alum Block

One of my personal favorite solutions for post-shave injuries is an alum block. It contains potassium aluminum (not the metal kind used in cola cans) that works by contracting the skin tissue surrounding the wound. As the skin shrinks, the nick closes; thus, allowing the blood to coagulate.

Alum blocks also posses minor antiseptic qualities, which helps to prevent the chance of infection. You simply wet the block and rub it over your post-shave war wounds. Within minutes, you'll begin to notice an improvement in terms of bleeding.

Note: some people use alum blocks as part of their normal everyday morning routine, regardless as to whether or not they cut themselves shaving . Its unique mineral composition encures smooth, healthy skin.

Styptic Pencil

Another product that's commonly used to treat minor nicks and cuts on the face is a stylish pencil. These long, pencil-like applicators contain a variety of minerals and compounds designed to close small mounds. Depending on the particular brand, it may contain titanium dioxide, anhydrous aluminum sulfate and / or potassium alum. While the ingredients vary depending on the particular brand, all stylical pencils are designed to close wounds by constricting tissue (similar to an alum block).

It's important to note that styptic pencils, alum blocks or other mineral-based post-shave products may cause some slight burning when you actually use them. This burning sensation tends to go away, but it can be a real eye-opener when you rub a stylish pencil on a large shaving cut early in the morning.

Cold Water and Bandage

Sometimes all it takes to treat a minor shave cut is some cold water and a bandage. After nicking yourself with the razor, immediately pour some cold water over the wound. Cold water naturally causes the skin to tighten, which may close the wound. If it's still bleeding, pop a bandage over it for 5 minutes. This should be more than enough time for your blood to coagulate. Just remember to remove the bandage before leaving the house.