Spring is only just around the corner now (thank goodness) and like a lot of people the lighter meals of spring and summer are looking more and more inviting. After weeks of slow cooked casseroles and heavier meals, facial skin in particular is beginning to show the lack of fresh red fruit loaded with skin-friendly anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

The two fastest ways you'll see an improvement in your skin is with diet and a deep pore cleaning brush, one works from the inside outwards and the other works on polishing the outside.

Absolutely nothing bar a spa treatment will get skin as clean as a facial cleaning brush. You can use all the expensive lotions and potions but without the skin underneath is clean and bacteria free, the spots and dull looking skin will persist.

Do you recall how you did not need a fancy new electric toothbrush? Well it's the same with facial cleaning brushes, once used you'll be hooked and so will your skin.

You can get either battery operated brushes where you replace the batteries every few weeks or a rechargeable electric model which comes with a charging unit pretty much like a razor.

Obviously the battery models lack the power of their electric cousins, they almost all either rotate the brush or vibrate instead of the more sophisticated oscillation movement given with higher powered models, such as the well known Clarisonic.

Do not be put off like some folks are by the few spots which often appear when you first start taking care of your skin properly. These are not a rash, and unless they itch like crazy and spread, you do not have an allergy. More likely is your skin is clean enough to encourage existing bacteria to come to the surface which it does in the form of a spot. Keep on with the brush and within a week or three, they'll stop.

If you want to glow from the inside out and make permanent positive changes to your skin's overall condition, then change your diet to incorporate plenty of dark skinned fresh fruit and cut out some of the fried fatty food and meat.

Skin needs a complex balance of vitamins best obtained from a well balanced diet, but super anti-oxidant rich fruits are a great place to start! Fruits like strawberries, blueberries and plumbs are just a few of the high producing anti-oxidant options, anything with red to dark red skin is going to be full of it.

I know a lot of people drink extra water to hydrate their skin. Why bother?

It's a complete old wives tale that any amount of extra water is going to help without your diet is good enough to keep cell walls strong, because it's these that hold fluid in and if they are weak, they leak it away faster than you can drink it.

Science Wins This One

Yes, drinking water will help flush toxins through your body and is good for you in 101 other ways, but as far as skin looking radiant and glowing, science wins here over glib advice. Dietary changes are the only thing that'll repair and strengthen your microscopic water towers to keep any fluid in, and skin looking plump – so get eating them tasty berries!

These walls weaken as we age, so a good diet becomes even more important for healthy glowing skin.

If you put the regular use of a facial cleansing brush together with even just a few dietary improvements, within a week or two people will be telling you how well you look. They will not know what it is about you that changed, but you will get noticed.

Do not worry, we'll keep it our little secret.