Moisturizing body lotion is not a new phenomenon – they have been around for as long as I can remember but like everything else, our familiarity with them means we soon forget they hold one of the secrets to having soft, radiant, beautiful skin.

Soft Beautiful Skin – It Is No Accident

Having soft and beautiful skin is no accident, like the saying goes – there is 'a science to the madness'.

When we come across friends or colleagues who experience skin challenges like eczema, dermatitis or even just dry itchy skin, it soon dawns on us that soft beautiful skin should not be taken for granted. We need a good moisturizer for beautiful skin and choosing the right one is key.

Choose the lotion that is right for you

If you are looking to improve the condition of your skin and get it soft and beautiful, you must use a moisturizing body lotion as part of your daily routine.

There are different lotions out there that are designed to cater for different skin types, so it goes without saying, that if you use a lotion that does not cater for your specific needs, you will not get the maximum benefit from it and your skin will not achieve its optimal state of softness and beauty.

Different Needs For Different Skin Types

Lots of people mistakenly choose body lotions because they look attractive on the shelves of their local convenience store, while some others select theirs because they are 'popular'.

However, the 'popular' and 'attractive looking' lotions may not suit your skin type.

In my experience, starting the selection process based on your particular skin type as well as any predisposing conditions your skin may have worked best with my clients.

For example, if you have dry allergy pronone skin, you will need a different body lotion to someone with oily acne prone skin. There is an element of trial and error involved here so do not be afraid to experiment.

Stack the odds in your favor

Having said that, you can do a lot to stack the odds in your favor by doing a bit of research before committing your hard earned cash to a purchase.

Selecting a body lotion that is made from natural ingredients is more likely to get you the desired result of improving your skin.

Lotions that contain ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, olive oil, castor oil and emu oil are a few that come to mind. They are well known for the moisturizing, nourishing and other beneficial properties that they give to the skin.

The reasoning behind this suggestion is that products that closely mimic nature in their constitution are less likely to have the unwanted side effects that their chemical based counterparts give.

Not all body lotions are suitable for everyone but starting with a lotion that is rich in natural ingredients is a step in the right direction.