Say What? Why Does My Skin Care Label Say, ‘NO PARABENS’ And What Does It Mean?

As defined by the US Food and Drug Administration, Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetic products. If you were not aware, every skin care and personal grooming product you use must have some sort of conservative system in place to keep your product from going rancid. They provide conservation against a broad range of microorganisms as well as being used for their bacterial and fungicidal properties. Parabens are esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, is produced commercially and is synthetic. The most commonly used are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. When a formula uses several parabens together it allows for a reduced percentage of use while increasing the preservatives efficiency.

But what does this mean for you?

We know that parabens are rapidly absorbed. In terms of skin care this is a serious consideration as your skin, being the largest organ of the body, absorbs between 60-65% of what is applied. Underarms and 'down below' can absorb even 100%. Yikes.

The effects by the absorption of parabens can be a range of skin irritations, contact dermatitis and rosacea for those with paraben allergies. However, this is a small percentage of the population and parabens are considered non-toxic.

The larger issue with parabens is their effect on hormones including a potential link with breast cancer. Simply put, parabens have been shown to imitate estrogen, which can disrupt the hormonal balance for both men and women. In relation to breast cancer, the presence of parabens have been found in tested breast tumors, but as of this writing, there is no direct link between parabens and breast cancer.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review ( ) reviewed the safety of parabens and decided they could be safely used up to a level of 25%, but most are used in levels not greater than 0.3%.

The other side of the issue is using a strictly “natural” conservative such as grapefruit seed extract, rosemary extract or alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E). The main issues with using this type of conservative system is that they are not powerful enough and may not protect against all variants of microorganisms. Using a skin care product with a weak or ineffective conservative can put you at serious risk for infection such as anti-biotic resistant MRSA and many other serious skin and eye infections. Plus, because of their weak preservation capacity, they need to be included at a higher percentage which increases the likelihood of skin irritation. In addition, the safest way to keep a skin care product that uses a natural preservative is to keep it refrigerated, which is most likely way to labor intensive for the average user.

Here's a list of why to avoid paraben-based preservatives and natural preservatives:


  • are highly absorbable and can cause skin irritations
  • show to imitate estrogen which can disrupt hormonal balance
  • potential (but unverified) link to breast cancer


  • not powerful enough to effectively kill bacteria, fungi, yeast and molds
  • can potentially expose the user to serious risk of skin and eye infections
  • can cause skin irritations
  • most effective when refrigerated, which is labor intensive for most users

Although both of the above systems have their limitations, there are options for safely and meticulously maintaining skin care products without having to keep them in your refrigerator. One of the best options is a conservative system called Optiphen Plus which has a combination of both synthetic and natural preservatives, without using parabens or formaldehyde. It is globally approved and has an excellent safety and toxicological profile. Optiphen Plus is a broad spectrum antimicrobial which includes Sorbic Acid, a natural acid that protects from yeast, fungus and mold.

Whatever choice you make in skin care products, make sure you not only know but understand what is in your product so your choice will be informed. Synthetics have been given a bad name, and “all-natural” is not all it's cracked up to be. The goal is for you to choose a product that you find useful, effective and that meets your needs, while improving the quality of your life and health.

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Get Rid of Stretch Marks With These Home Practices

Stretch marks are caused due to two main reasons – pregnancy and sudden dramatic weight loss or gain. However you do not have to feel miserable now because we will be introducing you to some of the most effective home remedies to get rid of these it naturally.

Let's explore several ways to eliminate or reduce appearance of marks without seeking medical intervention.

Cacao Butter
You should apply cacao butter on the affected area of ​​your skin. Many people have tried this application and have seen good results. It is a famous household technique practiced by many.

Lavender or Coco Oils
Application of these oils has a super moisturizing effect on the stretches. You will see the results quickly if you apply at least thrice a day at regular intervals.

Try Olive Oil
Olive oil looks to produce desired results as it is rich in Vitamin A, D and K. Apply olive oil on the marks once in a day daily to see its positive effects.

Lemon Juice
You need to rub the lemon juice very gently on the affected areas. Let the juice remain on the mark for at least ten minutes before you rinse it with warm water. Lemon Juice is a natural acid which heels stretch marks comprehensively.

Creams for these marks
There are many creams available in the market, but unfortunately very few of them really stick to their claims. Do not lose hope; instead you can give dermology stretch mark cream a try. Buying a prevention cream and applying it on the stretch marks should help you in eliminating those marks.

Do not believe in any claims that the manufacturer of these cream makes; instead try those creams and see for yourself whether it works or not.

Sugar effect
It is unbelievable to see the results that white sugar producers if mixed with almond oil and lemon juice. Apply the mixture and rub it for at least ten minutes before heading for a shower. Follow this practice for a month and you will see a considerable change.

Exercise daily
Follow a regular exercise rule to erase marks completely. Exercising will help you keep your muscles toned and firm, thereby, erasing and preventing it, respectively. Practice Yoga and do more of cardio to see the effects.

An item present in every kitchen – potatoes are extremely beneficial in terracing these marks by stimulating new skin cell formation. Rub thick slices of the vegetable to ensure that the juice penetrates skin layers.

Besides using oils, sugar and lemon juice, try applying a reliable stretch mark cream as well. Do a good research on many stretch mark creams that are available in the market.

You should now have the knowledge of several home remedies that would work wonderfully well on your stretch marks. These practices have been followed by many others and it has seemed to work for them and it will work for you too.

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The Five Best Ways To Beat Psoriasis Without Drugs

Psoriasis is one of the many diseases which are caused by the body's immune system, which has suffered a malfunction. The immune system mistakenly identifies good cells as “foreign” and attacks them, in a bid to protect the body.

This is why there is currently no cure for Psoriasis. There are some vendors who claim they do have a cure but considered expert medical opinion disagrees. Conventional treatment suppresses the immune with steroid medication, which causes problems in at least two ways.

First, the steroids cause many side effects, some of them can be very serious. Not every patient sufferers from these side effects but careful monitoring by medically qualified professionals is vital.

Secondly, there is a need to bolster the immune system with additional medication, known as steroid-sparing or adjuvant drugs. These drugs can also cause side-effects.

If you want to avoid the dangers of these medications, there are various ways to get relief, depending on what type of psoriasis it is and where it is.

1) Creams, oils and lotions: There are many of these available, each with a different mixture of ingredients and each claiming varying degrees of success, from mild relief to complete cure!
The advantages of creams and oils is that they are quick and convenient to apply and they are relatively inexpensive. Many of them claim excellent results from happy customers.
They have the obvious disadvantage that they can be messy and uncomfortable, staining clothes and bedclothes and may be unsightly if applied to the face, hair or hands.

2) Where the psoriasis is in the hair or on the scalp, a shampoo is often the most convenient and effective treatment. Some shampoos have a strong odor, which many people consider to be incompetent and this could be embarrassing in a social situation. Generally speaking, psoriasis shampoos and hair treatments are not expensive.

3) Nail psoriasis and fungal nail infections are in a different category. Toenails live in a sweaty and humid environment, where fungus can thrive, so improvement in this condition can be difficult and slow. Argan oil is a popular treatment for toenails and finger nails.

With toenails, there is the slight consensus that they are out of sight most of the time. Finger nails are probably easier to treat but it if they are in a bad state, they can be a cause of considerable embarrassment, especially for the ladies.

4) There is a growing number of natural remedies in tablet form, to be taken internally, usually with the aim of calming or “curing” the immune system. They make reasonable claims in avoiding the harsh chemicals and drugs of conventional treatments, with emphasis on natural and herbal ingredients.

5) Hypnosis has had a place in homeopathic medicine for many years. The large number of practitioners and products is testimony to the popularity of these treatments, as is the startling behavior seen in many stage and theater shows.

Growth in technology has seen a huge increase in the availability of home treatments, in the form of CD's and downloads, so that sufferers can use these methods in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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Why Aloe Is Beneficial In Why It Helps To Get Rid of Cellulite

You may already know that Aloe is known for its skin benefits of healing and soothing and helps to clean and treat pain on wounds on contact.

That's why it is widely used for first aid creams; to treat burns wounds, skin irritations and even frostbite.

With the many powerful benefits of aloe has to offer, it is a must have ingredient while going to get rid of cellulite. Aloe is able to penetrate all three layers of the skin and because it contains magnesium and salicylic acid, which work together to smooth the skin and help with inflammation, it is perfect for diminishing cellulite.

Aloe is easily absorbed into the skin and why it is the perfect carrier for the other active ingredients in a cellulite cream.

How aloe helps you to meet your goal of diminishing cellulite is that aloe has enzymes that help to slough off dead skin that would allow the active ingredients to penetrate … which is why it is important to exfoliate your skin prior to and application of a cellulite reduction cream.

And if you do not take the time to exfoliate, then you know that the aloe is helping to do that for you; eating away the dead skin cells, allowing for new cells to grow and softens the skin by being able to moisturize even into the deep layers of the skin.

All of this while helping to balance the pH of the skin and assisting in the feeding of the skin with the valuable nutrients and moisturizers found in the aloe and also in the active ingredients of the cellulite reduction cream .

That is why using aloe as an all over body cream is essential for helping the skin all over your body and why it should be the number one carrier ingredient in a cellulite reduction cream.

Because aloe consist of over 200 active health benefit properties; vitamins present in aloe are A, C, E, B1, B1, B3 (which is niacin), B6 ​​and B12 along with choline and folic acid and the minerals available in aloe are calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc, which is why aloe can also be taken internally.

Aloe vera juice is known to help with digestion, detoxification, cardiovascular health, the immune system, alkalizes the body and as mentioned above, is great for the skin.

Adding aloe for its many health benefits or simply for the amazing skin benefits is the perfect addition in helping to get rid of cellulite.

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Get Rosacea Treatment and Clear Your Skin

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that turns your facial skin red, and can also cause swelling and skin sores that appear to be acne. This skin condition is quite common among the general population, and it is very treatable as well.

Modern rosacea treatment has utilized the IPL Photo-Facial technique for alleviating symptoms of the disease. The IPL technique is a non-ablative procedure designed to eliminate age spots, acne scars, sun damage, and general redness. This procedure is safe to use anywhere on the human body, but generally it is used only on the face, neck, shoulders, hands, and chest of the patients.

The IPL Photo-Facial technique is utilized in rosacea treatments to battle a patients unwanted red and brown complexion spots. These spots dull the complexion and over time compound upon one another to create an aged appearance.

You may be wondering how photo waves could possibly be of aid in rosacea treatment, but it works. The wavelength spectrum of the IPL method targets the tiny pockets of undesirable red or brown pigment in the skin. As these pockets absorb the light wavelengths, hemoglobin (red) and melatonin (brown), they become heated and waste, or basically the cells are killed and left for dead.

The dead cells are then removed by the body's natural processes of cell replication. These dead cells then get replaced by new rejuvenated skin cells, providing the patient with a more youthful and clearer complexion.

The IPL Photo-Facial method is the only wavelength technique that has garnered FDA clearance. The advanced cooling system of the technique is designed to keep the temperature of the machine down. This has a two-pronged benefit, it not only keeps the temperature of the patient's skin down, but it also minimizes the patient's discomfort during the procedure.

You no longer have to suffer from your rosacea or other skin discomforts like spider veins. IPL skin rejuvenation treatment is completely effective. The intestinal pulses of wavelengths cause thermal damage to the vessel walls of your damaged skin. These damaged blood vessels are then simply absorbed back into your body as a part of your natural healing process. What is left in its place is nothing but clear skin.

IPL rosacea treatment is so effective that post-treatment you will no longer have to use your rosacea facial creams. These products seldom are effective, and most of the time you waste years of your life and a lot of money buying and applying these two-bit products. Look into IPL Photo-Facial treatment today, and say goodbye to your red, irritated, dull skin.

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6 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite relates to the build up of fat deposits just benefit the surface of the skin in areas such as the lower pelvic region and abdomen. Cellulite appears for a variety of reasons, including genetic predisposition, age, lifestyle choices, poor diet, and hormonal reasons. A common denominator that plays a major factor in the formation of cellulite is toxicity in the body. But, with the right changes to the diet and lifestyle, it is possible to lessen the appearance of cellulite on the thighs or other areas. Here are six ways to reduce the appearance of this skin complaint:


Add antioxidant-rich sources of food to the daily diet, such as citrus fruits, orange and red fruits and vegetables, and berries (acai or similar). Antioxidants are highly effective at fighting free radicals, which is a leading contributor factor related to cellulite formation and damage to the skin cells.


A regular exercise routine is critical. Exercise offers a variety of benefits, from increasing muscle tone to boosting circulation and reducing fat under the skin. Being active also helps with improving lymphatic drainage to help with clearing toxins in the cells.

Green Tea

A regular intake of green tea (up to three cups per day) is certain to help with reducing the outward signs of cellulite. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants to help fight against free radical damage. Also, this refreshing drink is great for assisting with weight loss and ability to increase energy expenditure.

Healthy fats

Cut saturated fats from the diet and replace with health fats that are rich in omega-3, such as nuts, fish oils, flax seeds, and oily fish. Healthy fats help to enhance blood circulation, which is necessary to ensure nutrients are able to reach the skin cells. Poor circulation can lead to a lack of nutrients reaching the skin and the formation of the cellulite related problems.


A vicious massage using a cellulite massager can help to reduce excess amounts of fluid, remove toxins, and increase blood circulation in the areas of the body that are showing the outward signs of cellulite. It is not possible to remove cellulite absolutely using massage, but it is certain to help with improving the appearance.


Limit the intake of toxins that have a negative impact on cellulite formation and those that affect the dermis. Toxins to avoid include heavily processed foods (chemical additives and high sugar), coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. Also, make sure to consume the recommended 8-12 glasses of water daily to help regularly flush toxins from the system.

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Got Discoloration? The Best Ingredients to Fade Skin

When I was in my late teens I broke out with severe acne on-set acne. The only saving grace was that it happened after high school! I incessantly picked, trying to get it off my face. Turns out, that was a bad idea. I ended up with massive acne scarring and discoloration and a desire to hide from public.

Dont worry, there is a silver lining to this story! I spent years researching every possible skin treatment and trying out a good portion of them, from hydroquinone creams to fraxel lasers! After researching various treatments, I decided that natural was the only way to go since many of the top brands use harmful and even carcinogenic ingredients. Several countries have banned hydroquinone, and the FDA has proposed a ban on most prescription and over-the-counter hydroquinone products. And Fraxel is just too expensive. I wanted beautiful skin, but not at the expense of my internal health or my wallet!

So I set out the find the best all natural, organic (when possible) and clinically proven ingredients that actually help renew and replenish skin from the inside out. After years of research, here is my list of the top skin fading ingredients:

  • Alpha Arbutin is derived from the bearberry plant. It inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevails the formation of melanin. It promotes skin lightening and an even skin tone on all skin types.
  • Koji Acid is a depigmenting agent and fights age spots. It induces skin lightening and helps establish an even skin tone on all skin types.
  • Vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) is a potent anti-oxidant, it reduces hyperpigmentation including age spots, has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and soothing effects.
  • Licorice Extract lightens skin through inhibiting of melanin formation and has strong anti-inflammatory compounds.
  • Avocado Oil is rich in Vitamins A, D, E and lecithin, as well as potassium, known as the youth mineral. It is high in sterolins, which reduces age spots, heals sun damage and scars and significantly increases the amount of collagen in skin.
  • Lemon Peel Oil contains citric and plant acids that work to cleanse, lighten and brighten the skin, remove dead skin, and stimulate new skin growth.
  • Aloe Vera has many benefits for skin, including skin lightening, due to its amino acid content. Aloe is very useful to remove dead skin cells, severe irritation, and brighten the skin.
  • Vitamins A (retinol palmitate), B3 (Niacinamide), B5 (d-Panthenol) and E all have regenerating properties and improve the appearance of aged, hyperpigmented and photodamaged skin.

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Natural Cosmetics Aren’t Just Greener – They Make You a Better Feminist, Too

Feminism is symbolic of naturalism. If you are a feminist, you are not a victim of social dilemmas but a vivid representation of self-worth and self-esteem. You are conscious about your personal identity and confident in your own skin. You do not give into the propaganda and brainwashing techniques of the advertising companies that strip you off your own skin. If you are a true feminist, then you are not marring your self-worth by falling prey to the false concepts and self-shattering ideologies of the marketing companies. Instead you take control.

By opting for natural cosmetics, you are becoming a better feminist because you are not giving into the delusional belief spread by cosmetic companies that your hair need a particular shampoo because they lack the shine and strength. Instead, you make an ethical and morally correct decision. You decide to go green on the outside and that just shines you on the inside.

How do natural cosmetics enhance your self-image? They give you the reassurance that you are beautiful and therefore, you must not harm yourself through the chemicals that can only do worse. The marketing companies featuring gimmicks are merely playing with your belief system. They are blinding you from your personality and pushing towards constructing a distorted self-identity. For instance Photoshop is setting unrealistic standards for women, adding to their arousal levels over obesity. Most of the artificial makeup advertisements focus on how something is missing which can be bought back through the use of an artificial product.

Some advertisements focus on the 'back-to-nature' concept while others replace nature with nurture. In other words, artificial products reveal the real you. Amidst all this hustle bustle and shallow prevalence in the society, your identity is lost. Natural products rescue your disappearing identity. The natural cosmetics are not 'trying to bring back or replace'. They are highlighting the real you. The natural products do not operate on the notions of imperfection. They are based on acceptance of one's self and therefore, making choices that would serve us well.

Greener products are expensive but they help women regain contact with their self-image by allowing them to feel comfortable in their own skin. Undoubtedly, natural products are expensive. However, once you are certain about the product, you can easily get rid of five different bottles of shampoo or mascara. It is because you have made the right choice by breaking away from delusiveness of the cosmetic marketing companies.

Nonetheless, if you are using unnatural products and reading this article, do not doubt your self-image. It is because you are not considered a bad feminist if you are not going green. The only difference is that greener cosmetics let you be the women you want to be. While cosmetics are being used in both ways, the reasons change when you approach natural products. Self-doubt is replaced with self-confidence and your personality shines inside out.

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7 Most Common Questions You Should Ask the Dermatologist During a Consultation

Here are a few questions to ask when you have a consultation at a Dermatologist appointment.

Have you ever gone to a dermatologist for a consultation and forget to ask an important question or three, ESPECIALLY if those questions were the main reason why you went there to begin with?

The best method would be to write the questions down before your appointment and make sure you refer to the list during your meeting with them.

Never be intimidated by your doctor. If they seem impatient with your questions or to be in a rush, let them know this is important to you.

It's important to build a relationship with your doctor based on trust.

Below are 7 questions to ask your dermatologist. There are 7 expected responses below each question, but make sure the doctor gives you THEIR opinion of the questions.

1 – What is the importance of exfoliation for the skin?

Exfoliation is basically the removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This is important because, as we get older, our bodies do not regenerate as often as in our youth. This attributes to dry, dead skin building up creating a rough to the touch feeling. Because this dead skin builds up on the surface, it begins to clog the pores. This clogging can cause acne and skin blemishes.

Exfoliation brings your skin closest to it's natural form, bringing back the radiance that it should have.

2 – Is it essential to get Sunlight for healthy skin?

Your skin is a protective barrier to your organs. It blocks bacteria and damaging organisms from entering the body. Sunlight helps get rid of bacteria.

Some skin conditions can be cured, or, at least, improved by the proper amount of sun.

Of course, too much sunlight can damage your skin.

Vitamin D is the best part of the sun … UV Rays are the BAD parts of the sun to be avoided …

3 – Are there any foods that harm the complexion? If so, what are they?

There are no scientific findings that prove that any particular 'food' can be damaging to the complexion. However, processed 'junk' food, along with

preservatives and sweeteners such as sugar may cause allergies and retain liquid due to the sodium / salt content.

Glycation is caused by foods high in sugar and accelerate the aging process. Basically, glycation is the process of which the sugar attacks the proteins that make your skin look youthful and vibrant.

So, if you want younger looking skin, lay off of the sweets.

4 – How do you choose the best moisturizer?

You can look for a moisturizer that has alpha hydroxy acid because it will exfoliate dead skin.

They say your best choice would be to find a skin moisturizer that contains glycerin, propylene glycol, proteins, urea, and vitamins. Mineral oil and linolin help seal in moisture, where-as, the previous 5 ingredients help attract water to the outside layer of the skin.

Ask the doctor what they recommend with your skin type and condition.

5 – How do you remove blackheads safely?

Ask the dermatologist what is the safest. The following list of items can be used to remove blackheads safely and non-evasively:

(Egypt, minimally invasive, at least.)

* Nutmeg and Buttermilk

* Baking soda and water

* toothpaste and salt

* Honey

* Mud Masks mixed with filtered water, Lemon water, or Apple Cider Vinegar

6 – What to do with the pimples that appear after puberty?

There are 4 known ways to treating Acne;

Natural and / or homeopathic treatments,

over the counter topical medicines,

Prescription oral medicines, and

prescription topical medicines.

Ask your dermatologist what is best for your skin type and health.

7 – How do you handle large pores? (and blemishes)

You can use a wash cloth wet with lemon and pineapple juice.

Also, you can use the inside of a banana peel, as well.

As mentioned previously, baking soda and warm water mixtures works, too.

Ice and very cold water will also shrink pores.

Remember, they say your pores shrink with cold, expand with heat.

Again, Ask your dermatologist. They will have the answer.

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Finding a Skin Care Cream That Works

A person shopping for a skin care cream wants a cream that is going to deliver results. Wrinkles need ironed out. Deep lines need to be filled in. Maybe, those acne scars require some healing over as well. A cream can cover many factors. Shopping online gives a woman more chances to find that great face cream.

What An Vitamin E Oil Cream Can Do?

Women and men who feel self-conscious about the signs of aging or effects of the sun on their face can find relief in a great vitamin E oil cream. Companies are designing creams that are helping men and women look better than their age. The sun can take a real toll on the skin and sometimes a refresher is necessary. This means needing a cream can come at any age and should not be overlooked just because a person is considered too young to need a face cream.

A vitamin E oil cream is going to rejuvenate the skin. It works as a moisturizer for dry, irritated skin. By giving the skin what it needs, people can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The best vitamin E cream will include natural ingredients and have proven results.

Natural Ingredients

One of the best ingredients is a vitamin E oil cream is the all-natural avocado. Skin care companies like to use avocado oil in their products because the fruit is jam packed with the skin essential vitamin E. The body does not naturally produce vitamin E, so the only way men and women can get this is either through pill form or topical application. When applied topically, vitamin E offers great results. The vitamin helps rebuild collagen, which breaks down over time. This smoothens out the rough patches.

Women and men dealing with acne will want to see something along the lines of grapefruit, orange, or tangerine in their product. All three work as a disinfectant of the skin and help reduce the incidence of acne. They also help soften any damaged spots.

Other ingredients people would like to have in a product include lavender, fennel, and even rose oil. These natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and do not have the same negative side effects as harsh chemicals.

Reading Customer Reviews

Sometimes, the best way to find what works is to see what other people are using. Reading customer reviews online is one way to see what is working and what is not. Learning from everyone else is going to save a lot of time and money. A customer testimonial can sometimes tell people more about the product than the company does. It all depends on the product and the company.

While reading reviews, find out what the company stands for and if they stand by their product. Should something go awry, a woman would not want to be left out high and dry with no customer support. Find a company that supports the goal and find a great vitamin E oil cream that works.

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Why You Should Opt For Organic Skin Care Products

It is important that you are fully aware of the content of the beauty products that you use. It has been proven that what you apply on your skin will end up in your body. Surely, you would not want to put a pesticide laced fruit on your face nor a harmful, non-purified synthetic and toxic ingredient on your skin.

Before making a big fuss on how you look, your number one concern should be your health and safety. It does not matter how you take or how you put a product on your skin, most of the ingredients will find their way inside your body. As our body absorbs these chemicals, we become more prone to allergies, hormonal and reproductive problems, and cancer. The effects of some toxins are immediate, while others show up after repeated exposure.

Opting for organic skin care will limit our contact with harmful chemicals. When we say organic, it means that the ingredients came from plants, vegetables and fruits which have been grown and processed under a specific and strict set of ecological regulations. An organic label will give you an assurance that the ingredients will be fresher and contains a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients. This would also mean that the product is more pure and should cause fewer reactions than synthetic and non-organic ingredients.

Clinical studies have shown that organic skin care products are as effective as those made of modified man-made ingredients.

Here is a few reasons why you should go for organic skin care:

1. Organic beauty products are good for your skin. Certified organic products do not use pesticides or genetically modified ingredients.

2. Organic skin care products do not destroy the environment. Organic farming is used to produce the skin care products, which means that no synthetic chemicals and fertilizers were used, therefore the volume of pollutants that is released in the environment is greatly reduced.

3. Organic skin care is the only area of ​​the skin care industry which is highly regulated.

By opting to use organic ingredients on your body, you are also reducing the amount of toxins and chemical residues that are absorbed by your skin. When buying a product, make sure that it is certified by bearing a certification logo, which means that it has been independently approved and meets a specific standard. Check the ingredients list to see if there are organic ingredients contained in the product.

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Bladderwrack – The Weight Loss Seaweed

What is Bladderwrack?

Bladderwrack is a type of kelp, or brown algae, that you can find at the beach when it washes up onto the shore. For centuries coastal peoples have thought of it as a tasty sea vegetable. Scientists have known it since the 18th century by its Latin name, Fucus vesiculosus .

This kelp also has an extensive folk medical history. Its traditional use has mostly been for stimulating the thyroid as a treatment for cellulite and obesity. It also has been used for relieving pain from inflamed arthritic joints. More recently bladderwrack has been found to assist with lipid balance and obesity, where obesity is linked to thyroid problems.

Bladderwrack provides an abundance of healthy minerals that it takes in from the sea. A partial list includes iodine, calcium, potassium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, and silicon. It is also rich in an array of carotenes and certain B-complex vitamins.

Health benefits from bladderwrack come from either internal or external use. The external use of bladderwrack provides iodine, which is a critical mineral for every cell in your body. Unfortunately, it is rarely available in herbal skin care products. Iodine is one of the few minerals that absorbs right into the skin. In so doing, gets into the bloodstream quickly, from where it goes directly to the thyroid and many other glands and organs.

Iodine Deficiency

Dr. David Brownstein, author Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can not Live Without It , has found that nearly 95% of his patients are deficient in iodine. This means that the odds are that you are, too. If you have ever been stuck on a weight loss plateau, or if you have had a hard time even getting your weight loss going in the first place, it may be due to iodine deficiency.

You can test for your own iodine deficiency with a simple experiment at home. Just swab tumor of iodine in a small circle on an inner arm or thigh. (Tincture of iodine is available inexpensively at all drug stores.) Your body needs more iodine if the yellow-orange spot is quickly absorbed, within 1-3 hours.

This is where organic skin care products with bladderwrack can help. Indeed, this is why such natural skin products are important for boosting metabolism for weight loss.

Bladderwrack Bonus

A study in 2009 at Kingston University in London discovered the activities of several herb extracts for their ability to slow down two key enzymes that are responsible for skin aging, elastase and collagenase. These enzymes break down elastin and collagen, respectively, which are the key structural components of skin that give it elasticity and strength. Healthy elastin and collagen are key substances for maintaining youthful, wrinkle-free skin.

Some of the results of this research were to be expected. Angelica and tea, for example, were two of the top herbs. Bladderwrack fared very well in comparison. In fact, it was ranked second, just after tea, for its combined anti-elastase and anti-collagenase activities.

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Get Deeper Meditation Naturally

Meditation seems simple enough. Just relax and clear your mind for a few minutes. Getting good at it takes some practice, though. Busy thoughts crop up, outside noises distract, and creaky bones and joints demand attention.

What Is Meditation?

Meditation has been known for thousands of years as a way to eliminate stressful thoughts and quiet the conscious mind. The most important consequence of meditation is to stimulate the flow of the body's chi energy, which is the basis for good mental and physical health. Stress can otherwise disrupt the flow of chi energy or even block it entirely.

From the modern view of western science, meditation can be described by brain wave patterns. Our awake consciousness is characterized by beta waves, which measure at 15-30 Hz (Ie, cycles per second, called Hertz). Lower frequency alpha waves (9-14 Hz) indicate a relaxed, calm meditative state. Still deeper meditation occurs at even lower frequency theta waves (4-8 Hz).

Benefits of Meditation

Since the 1970s research on the health benefits of spending a few minutes every day in alpha or beta wave states shows the value of deep meditation. Even mainstream health information for patients at medical institutions such as the Mayo Clinic talks about the value of meditation. The list includes both emotional and physical benefits. Emotionally, you can gain a new perspective on stressful situations, build skills to manage stress, increase self-awareness, focus on the present, and reduce negative emotions. Physical benefits include preventing or managing mental and physical illnesses that are caused or made worse by stress.

Spending time in a meditative state every day simply makes life better.

Role of Skin Care in Meditation

Imagine yourself settling into a warm, relaxing bath that contains ancient herbs known for their ability to unblock and renew the free flow of your chi energy. Such herbs have been used for this purpose for at least as long as people have been practicing meditation. One of the best is mulberry root bark for its ability to aid relaxation by lowering blood pressure. In addition, Chinese Clematis and Stephaniae, specifically address soreness that can distract meditation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine includes many more herbs for relaxing and relieving stress. The list is extensive, including such herbs as Licorice Root, Asparagus Tuber, Schisandrae, Angelica, Poria Cocos, Astragalus, Folium Perillae, Goji Berry, Sophora, Ginseng, Euphoriae, and Green Tea.

Remember, meditation is your ticket to releasing the stress of modern living. The right herbs will help you deepen your meditation naturally.

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Skin Rash Treatment – 5 Ideas to Relieve Discomfort and Speed Up Healing!

Today I'm going to share with you skin rash treatment involving alternative medicines. Just like people rashes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They could be dry, red, bumpy, blisters, pimples, scaly and may be caused by many different things. The best treatment when it comes to a rash is not to get it in the first place. If a bug causes it you could put on repellent before going outside. If you are allergic to something then removing what your body does not like is going to be a good idea.

There is one universal rule when it comes to a rash and do you know what that is? It is something you want to do, but you know you should not and did you get the answer? You should not scratch a rash, even though you may want to. The reason you should not scratch it is because it could take longer to heal and you could increase the chance of an infection and scarring.

One idea to treat irritation on the skin would be to apply something cold to the irritation. The reason this may help is because it can slow the signals nerves are sending out. If the area becomes numb then you should stop applying this cold remedy, you do not want the cold to restrict blood flow because blood helps with the healing. Another inexpensive remedy that is popular for this health problem is aloe vera. How it helps is it also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients and this not only helps with the pain and discomfort, but also with the healing of the skin. Aloe vera can temporarily impair the nerves responsible for the body's immune reaction, as well as reduce allergic reactions.

If you visit a doctor depending on what is causing the skin rash you could have prescribed anti-histamine medicine. Histamine is a hormone and what it does is tell blood vessels on the skin to get larger causing a skin rash. Anti-histamine medicine can be expensive, give off negative side effects as well as free radicals. Another choice when it comes to reducing histamine would be something called bee pollen.

To sum everything up the leading skin rash treatment is ..

  1. Not to get the rash in the first place by identifying what is causing it and eliminating that from your life.
  2. Next a person should not itch a rash because it usually will make things worse.
  3. To help with the discomfort a person could apply something cold to the skin.
  4. Aloe vera can help.
  5. Anti-histamine medicine or a bee pollen supplements also can help.

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Get Rid of Cellulite, Burn Fat and Lose Weight Incorporating These Five Simple Things Daily

I just do not like the word 'diet'! It not only leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it really gives us false hopes about achieving the healthy, smooth and firm body that we so desire.

Whether my clients are trying to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, lose inches, lower their cholesterol or just get rid of their extra 'fluff' on their belly, hips and thighs … diet is not part of our vocabulary.

For my clients, and I am sure for you, like me, whenever we think we need to go on a diet, our willpower to stay on one walks completely out the door! All of a sudden you start to crave things that you would not even normally eat … it is absolutely the most crazy thing.

Instead of a diet or dieting let's start to think about a healthy lifestyle … eating whatever you want and still achieving your desired weight and body image.

Whether you are looking to get rid of cellulite, lose weight, or just feel more energized; here are five things that I always recommend to my clients after any type of body treatment they receive that will help them to maintain the results.

Start your day off with hot lemon water (8 oz. Hot water with the juice of fr fresh squeezed lemon) or at least 2 cups of water before eating or drinking anything upon rising. This will help to flush the liver, as it has been at rest all night. Also, your body becomes a bit dehydrated after a long night of rejuvenating itself!

Do not skip breakfast! Consume at least 25 grams of protein. It is best to eat your first meal about 30 minutes upon rising.

Eat soup! Every day eat at least one big bowl of soup. It really does not matter what kind (just not the very rich with heavy cream kind if you are watching your calorie intake) as long as it is filled with lots of vegetables and low in sodium. Soup not only will fill you up, but also gives you the added benefit of extra fluids. Eat it as a complete meal or start off your lunch and dinner with a cup of soup.

Chew your food at least 20 times! Sounds kind of funny to be counting each chew every time you put something into your mouth, but by doing so you are doing two very important things.

  1. Your body will notice when you are full instead of after you ate too much and feel overly full.
  2. Your body is better able to digest the food, helping it makes it way through and out of your body.

Hydrate! Be sure to drink at least half your weight in water each day (green or white tea count). So if you weigh 150 lbs. you will need to consume at least 75 ounces of water each day … more if you are exercising yourself through exercise, yard work, house work or if it very hot outside.

These five small and simple things that you can do every day will certainly bring big changes into your healthy lifestyle by helping you to lose or control your weight, get rid of cellulite, rev up your metabolism and give you energy.

Getting rid of the word diet or dieting will actually help you to better achieve your personal body goals.

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