Sunscreens and Ultraviolet Radiation

In spite of a lot of government and health authority education, it's still possible to find many in Australia who are hazy about the sun, ultraviolet radiation and appropriate skin creams.

This is a big issue for everyone, irrespective of where they live in the world.

Even so, is particularly important for holidaymakers to keep in mind because there may be a tendency, for example, to arrive at your holiday accommodation then immediately strip down to your 'minimal clothing' configuration and head straight out into the sun!

So, here is a quick refresher – but do note it should not be read as qualified medical opinion or advice. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

The basics

Natural Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) is given off by the sun in three forms – UVA, UVB and UVC.

These are differentiated by their wavelengths and as the vast majority of UVC is stopped by the atmosphere, we will not mention it any further here.

UVA is known to be capable of penetrating glass or the skin to a fairly significant depth. UVB, by contrast, tends to be stopped by the outer skin layers or things such as glass etc.

It is UVB which is primarily responsible for redding or burning our skins when we are exposed to sunlight. UVA is typically the cause of tanning and it is the wavelengths associated with UVA that are typically used by tanning booths and other such artificial radiation-based tanning aids.

The dancers

The connection between excess exposure to UVB and various forms of skin cancer has long been known.

More recently, scientists and health care professionals have also asked whether UVA is quite as innocuous as it was once assumed to be in terms of these risks. It is now accepted by many specialists that UVA also has a role to play in certain other forms of cancer and cellular abnormalities, given its ability to adversely affect cells at a greater depth inside the skin.

There is no universally agreed definition of what constitutes a safe or acceptable dose of either UVA or UVB. There are many variables here including your skin type, its background natural pigmentation and aspects of your basic genetic inheritance.

What is undisputed is that everyone needs to be aware of the risks associated with exposure to UV over and above the levels your body is equipped to deal with.

What you can do

Ultimately the best protection against excess exposure to this form of radiation is simply to stay out of direct sunlight. All around the world, the indigenous peoples in countries with hot climates will tend to stay in the shade as much as possible during the hottest parts of the day.

However, in the modern world and particularly when you are on holiday, that is not likely to be either possible or perhaps desirable.

Therefore, it is imperative to take some sort of preventive protection in the form of a barrier cream.

These are now available in many different formats but all will quote a SPF (Sun Protection Factor). The higher the SPF quoted is, the more protection the cream will provide.

At one time, such barrier creams were almost entirely restricted to UVB blocking but due to the increasing concern about the effects of UVA, today many healthcare professionals would recommend what is called a broad-spectrum barrier cream which will offer protection against both ranges of radiation Frequencies.

Once again, there is no universal agreement about what the minimum SPF required is because much will depend on the individual's own skin and genetic makeup.

However, many experts make the case that anything much below SPF 15 or 20 may be illegally to provide you with adequate protection and if you are specially fair skinned it may be advisable to use something considerably higher than that.

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Paraben Free Face Care – What You Need To Know Before Going Shopping

If you want to know about what parabens really are, why you need to avoid them and learn tips on what you need to know before buying paraben free face care products, just read on. I promise after this short article it will be easier for you to make an informed choice on what products to purchase.

First let's clarify what parabens are. Parabens are preservatives commonly put in all kinds of skin care (but also in hygiene, makeup …) products to increase their shelf life. These chemicals are called either methyl, propyl, butyl, or ethyl parabens. What makes them so controversial is that several studies suggest that these preservatives may cause serious health problems such as cancer, hormonal issues, allergic reactions and skin rashes. They are, however, still legal to use and very cheap for the skin care companies compared to other natural alternatives.

Paraben free face care or paraben free skincare in general is there before any skincare for the facial skin that does not have these ingredients in it, but instead uses no preservatives or other (often natural) alternatives.

When looking for paraben free face care or other products, make sure that you avoid other harmful ingredients like mineral oil, dioxanes, fragrances and alcohol as well. It will not help you much avoiding one bad guy when there are so many others out there too, and some like dioxanes are considered to be much more dangerous than parabens!

The best tip I can give you when shopping for paraben free skincare is to look for completely natural products. That way you can be sure no suspicious chemicals get to your skin! Make sure not to believe any old brand claiming to be natural but really research the brand and the ingredients it uses in its products to make sure the “natural” part is not just image polishing.

Most 100% natural skincare products use either preservatives, which makes their shelf life shorter, or they use Natural Vitamin E, which is not just a preservative but also very nourishing to your skin as well. It can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and also helps prevent the appearance of age spots on the skin. It's very beneficial to use natural skincare with Natural Vitamin E in it.

My last tip is to look for proven, effective ingredients. Any cream without the nasties I mentioned previously will be better than one with them, but why not give your skin the best it can have and use skincare that really helps your skin rejuvenate and feel absolutely wonderful. Try all natural oils such as jojoba oil, maracuja oil or avocado oil to mention a few. For a wrinkle-smoothing effect try Xtend-TK or Japanese Wakame sea kelp.

Natural paraben free face care is definitely worth it, so take a little time to investigate the market to find the best product for you, and you can enjoy a healthy and wrinkle-free skin without any side-effects on your health.

If you're interested in learning the secrets of finding the best paraben free face care, please visit my website today and see what products I personally recommend for fast and effective results

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Now Is The Time: Great Skin For Men in Their Thirties

Here's the good news: Congratulations! You're no longer in your twenties anymore.

Here's the bad news: Regarding your skin, you're no longer in your twenties anymore.

We can all agree I'm sure there are things in your twenties that you were able to do with little consequence. However, when you reach your thirties, although life is not about slowing down, it is about growing in wisdom and responsibility. You realize you no longer can go with little to no sleep and still remain something sane during your day. You still can perform with excellence in athletics. However, you are starting just to become more aware of potential injuries, even small ones, so you execute with a bit more caution that you did in your radical and fearless twenties. Nutritionally, you have become more aware of your need to maintain or pursue a healthier lifestyle. It's not quite as easy to stay ripped or even as trim as you might have easily been in your last decade. Flexibility starts to decrease. Your aerobic capacity begins to decrease. Your metabolism starts to decrease. You start to lose muscle mass if you do not specifically work to keep it on. All of these issues affect your body, can affect your mind and attitude, and they all have an effect on the health and look of your skin.

But there is good news: If you step up to tackle the issues head on, you can look fantastic, have enormous amounts of energy and be healthier and stronger than you were in your twenties. To do this, it will take some effort, but it's easily doable. Now that you are in your thirties you are gaining more respect in your career as you've paid your dues. Women who are both younger than you or who are also in their thirties find a man who is responsible, respectable and fit more attractive than some men in their twenties. Men who are older than you will recognize and respect the care you've taken with your health as they know the dedication it takes to do it. Men younger than you will say things like, “I want to look like that dude when I get to be his age.” Your thirties are an awesome time of your life!


It's true that you do not have the “easy to maintain” skin of a twenty-year-old man, but your skin is still naturally very healthy, young and vibrant. You most likely have few lines or wrinkles, and if you do they are very slight. If you're fortunately enough to live in an incredibly sun-drenched location like we are in Australia, you may have more pronounced skin issues earlier in your later thirties. Your lines and wrinkles at this age varies depend on the amount of sun exposure you've had where you live. If you have a very expressive face, you might have a few more signs of aging, but do not worry; Everyone likes a man with a great smile.

You will reach a crossroads in your thirties where you will definitely notice a change in your skin, and it's different for every man. Because muscle mass starts to decline and skin cell turnover is slower you will begin the very early stages of skin wrinkling. You can consider then character lines. Some sun damage may start to appear as skin discolouration.

Now is your time to rise-up and go to war against the aging process. With simple, consistent practice, in less than two-minutes a day you can have noticeable skin. Doing something very simple during your ritual morning and evening routine will pay dividends not just now in the present, but also the years from now when the rewards of taking care of yourself really pay off.

To start on your path to excellent skin in your thirties, you must hydrate as men should drink about 3 liters of water a day as a baseline.


Being consistent is the name of the game now. Once in the morning and once at night:

ONE: Wash your face with a gentle and healthy face wash.

TWO: Use a daily moisturizer that is paraben and sulphate-free.

PLUS: Do not forget to always use sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Your goal now in your thirties is to protect, fortify and give new strength to your skin as you prepare for your next decade. If you do this with consistency, you will have earned the new level of confidence you will start to notice.

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Metro Sexual Look Is Not a Fad for Men Who Are Taking Skin Care Seriously

Many years ago, if men followed fashion rigorously and left no stones unturned for their skin care regimes, they were either classified as gay men or were expected to follow a temporary fad.

However, these days, the sexuality of a man has taken a back seat and taking care of your body and skin is no longer considered a fashion fad. Rather, it is now a priority for urban men take care of themselves, and, more so of their skin.

The society and its culture at large have started understanding that men taking care of their looks and skin are no longer a fad. As a matter of fact, the British media has covered the term 'metro-sexual' for men, who believe in spending good amount of time and energy behind their looks including skin.

Metro Sexuality Is Here To Stay

We have had generations advising women on taking care of their physical appearance; however, little has been said and done for men who are willing to devote time and money behind looking and feeling good about their appearance.

But times have changed and we now see a paradigm shift in the way society and men view men! This shift was not an eye opener for a visionary writer like Mark Simpson. He had studied men behind the mirror for a long time and had clearly anticipated this look to be a permanent thing in the men's world.

The Metro Sexual Look

Let's just study about this look that is broadly prevalent in our times.

What's your shoe style?

You can identify a metro sexual look of a man by checking his shoes. No metro man wears shabby and unpolished pair of shoes. For them, their shoes have to look classy and elegant.

How do you smell?

Of course, this is a more obvious one. Prove me wrong by identifying just one man who does not smell good and is a self claimed metro-sexual man? Men in this category love to smell that suits their persona.

Are you taking care of your skin?

There is a paramount reason why stores like David Jones and Myers are doing good business in their skin care products category. Products such as a cleanser, toner and a moisturizer play a vital role in having a clear and shiny skin. Many urban men prefer skin care products containing herbal or natural ingredients.

How is your overall appearance?

Undoubtedly, these type of men will not compromise on their looks and personality. They will make sure that they imbibe great grooming skills, which includes sharp haircuts and waxed unneeded hair.

Global Perspective On Metro Sexuality

You pick any society that is not overwhelmingly conservative, and, you will observe that men from different societies and cultures take pride in maintaining their sharper appearances. We live in a globalized world where information is literally received by the touch of our finger tips. Thanks to media, men of different nations learn and adapt this look. They invest heavily and vehemently behind skin care and cosmetic products.

Many marketers all over the globe have witnessed behavioral change among men, who now have inevitable desire to have blemish-free skin. The reasons behind these changes are similar to those of women. Both the genders want to feel great about their appearance.

Perception Towards Metro Sexual Looks

This look has gained non-condescending perceptions from most of the women from all over the world. Women have expressed lots of appreciation and encouragement towards men who desire to gain this type of look. Men who work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper exercise period, good wardrobe sense and skin care are desired by women.

Not many women consider metro sexual looks as threats to their own appearance.

Believing that this look is a fad for those men who take skin care seriously is a serious myth that I hope has been dispelled in this article. Do not discourage yourself from looking and feeling great from the inside and outside. Go out and use your savings behind effective and affordable clinical skin care items of reputed brands like Dermology, Clinique and SkinMedica.

This look is here to stay for a very long time, so be a part of this phenomenon and shine!

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Everything You Need Know About NeriumAD Skincare Treatments

If you do not take care of your skin properly in the best way possible, your skin will become damaged as you get older. The better the skin care is at the moment, the higher the chances are it will be better as you age. As we age, our skin develops fine lines and wrinkles that many people try to prevent. This article can give you useful advice for caring for your skin.

Avoid shaving your skin when it's dry. Also try to use shaving cream when shaving to keep your skin moist. If your skin is dry and you go to shave, it may lead to the formation of ingrown hairs and you could get razor burn. Put some lotion on after you shave. This will soothe irritation and provide much needed moisture to your skin. One fantastic way to have skin that's glowing and healthy is to make sure you exfoliate it. This helps to remove the excess dead skin which can give your appearance a lackluster look. It also allows the next layer of skin to emerge. Exfoliation can really help in your efforts to reduce your acne. It is important to maintain healthy stress levels if you want a nice complexion. Your skin may be more sensitive when you are under stress, and that can lead to skin problems. If you de-stress your life, it will result in healthier skin.

Stay well hydrated each and every day. The most important benefit is that it allows your skin to stay hydrated and supple. It'll stop sun damage. This will allow your skin to be healthy while making you look more healthy too. When you wash your hands, they dry out whether you use soap or not. Each time your hands get wet, moisturize them by applying moisturizing cream once they are dry. Your hands will be smoother and soft to the touch. Keep a small tube of hand cream with you and use it when you use public restrooms. Warm moisturizer works better than cold. Your skin tends to absorb the warm moisturizer much better and faster. You can microwave it in order to moisturize, which should take about five seconds. You could also warm the moisturizer by placing the bottle into a bowl containing warm water. IF you have a oily skin type, do not think you do not have to moisturize. Just put some moisturizer on before your make up. It will keep oil production normalized. Nerium AD contains vital moisturizers that keep your skin looking supple and radiant, and now with their Nerium AD day cream it offers around the clock protection.

If you use a cleanser that strips your skin of natural oils, it may produce more oil to make up for it. You should consult a dermatologist if you have skin ailments that do not improve or you see a big difference in your skin. Many people do not take skin issues seriously and may end up causing more damage by applying self diagnosed treatment or delaying medical care.

Make sure to use skin care products consistently. Nerium AD Skincare products are a new treatment formulated with their patented NAE-8 extract derived from the nerium oleander plant. This product has been clinically tested and proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, and pores by 42% in trials. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so even if you use the whole bottle, you can send it back to them and get a full refund, no questions asked. If used regularly, you will have better results. If you have trouble remembering to use your skin care products, put them in an area where you will notice them on a daily basis. If you put these on before bed, keep them nearby.

As mentioned before, your skin is more than your face; it's your most important organ. Your skin describes the best treatment. An important way to take care of it is by not overexposing it to the sun. By sticking to the information you just read, you will have that glowing happy skin.

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How to Treat Vitiligo Naturally

Vitiligo is actually a skin infection in which the pigment is lost and it produces white patches on the skin often without any clear reason. The exact reasons why vitiligo occurs are not known, but there exist several theories relating to why this condition happens. The best treatment for curing the disease is home treatment because this treatment is not only easy, but also very effective. Many companies have produced natural products with the purpose of treating the white spots associated with vitiligo, but all of them have not proved to be helpful. However, there are some home remedies that can be adopted for treating the ailment. Some natural herbal medicines are also available for the cure of the disease which produces the desired results very quickly.

Vitiligo natural treatment:

Home remedies and other natural cures can be very helpful for the treatment of the disease or at least help to cover up its signs.

The options for treating vitiligo naturally include the use of cosmetics and herbal aids.

These options are as follows:

1. Cosmetics:

Concealing cosmetics, like powder and foundation, can help to cover-up vitiligo. This natural therapy will not be able to cure the ailment, but it will certainly help the sufferer to avoid distracting looks. Some types of tanning products may also help to hide the patches.

2. Avoiding the Sun:

People suffering from vitiligo must avoid the sun. This vitiligo natural treatment will not cure the disease, but it can be liable to slow the spreading of vitiligo. When you need to go out in the sun, blocking agents can also be useful.

3. Reduction of Stress:

If the suspected reason of the ailment is stress, then lessening this can help to prevent the spreading of the disease. This vitiligo natural treatment can take the help of exercise, meditation and other relaxation techniques in order to release the stress.

4. Vitamin B Complex:

Although this vitamin is not necessarily a natural treatment for vitiligo, but it certainly can improve the general health of the skin. Apart from this, the vitamin can be extremely useful in battling the results of excessive stress, which may be the chief reason of vitiligo.

5. Foods for Vitiligo natural treatment:

Some foods often play a pivotal role in treating this disease. These fruits and vegetables are the real alternative of the medicines. Some of the foods are radioactive, carrots, bran wheat, filtered and boiled water, citrus fruits, spinach, dates and beetroots.

You should avoid the consumption of meats and dairy products. You may eat small amount of eggs and fish which is cooked lightly. Do not forget to get sufficient sleep by taking at least eight hours of sleep every day because it is very helpful for the vitiligo patient.

All the pharmacy medicines available in the market have side effects that can harm the body and so natural treatment is always good in the healing of any disease. This can also happen in case of vitiligo and that's why the use of foods and herbs is more important in vitiligo natural treatment.

Thus, if you find any symptoms of vitiligo in your body, always adopt natural remedy techniques.

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Effective Home Treatments for Cellulite


Cellulite is merely an aesthetic problem caused by the accumulation of fat tissue and visible as bumpy, uneven skin texture. This condition is perfectly normal and approximately 90% of all women in the world have it.

Despite the fact that cellulite is unattractive and can cause a loss of confidence, it is not harmful in any way, and there are plenty of successful home treatments and remedies available for cellulite removal.

Cellulite begins to form as the lymphatic and vascular systems affecting circulation became restricted, causing the formation of abnormal fat nodules, commonly in the buttocks and thigh areas. The actual culprit can be difficult to pinpoint, but it is probably related to body fat, aging, and skin thickness.

The good news is that there are various popular cellulite removal treatments available, from medical and surgical methods to simple home remedies. Medical treatments often promote instant cellulite removal (to some degree), but often requires several treatment sessions to completely eliminate cellulite, depending on the severity of the cellulite and type of treatment being used.

It is also worth mentioning that such treatments do not always deliver. Let us not forget that cellulite is a common condition which can be a normal effect of the aging process, accumulation of fat, and certainly lifestyle. Some people believe that medical or surgical treatments are the best instant cellulite cures, but there is always a possibility that it will reappear; unless you change your lifestyle, diet and exercise habits.

Popular treatments include, but are not limited to Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve, and VelaSmooth. Any particular treatment can be very effective for one person, but not as effective for another. Depending on your skin conditions and other factors, your therapists or doctors should be able to determine the best type of treatment for you. All of these treatments use different methods and processes, but they do have one thing in common-they are expensive. The price is, of course, affected by severity and the size of the areas and amount of treatments needed.

On average, the minimum price is $ 125 per treatment, while the maximum is $ 600. However, the price may reach thousands of dollars per area. Considering that each treatment needs to be completed over numerous sessions, you may have to spend a lot of money before you can see optimum results.

A Better Alternative

Cellulite removal does not always have to involve surgical treatment, injections, laser, and other medical procedures. As previously mentioned, this condition is not actually harmful and is only treated for aesthetic-related reasons. Moreover, since it is considered normal in relation to the aging process and lifestyle, cellulite can be a recurrent problem regardless of how much you have spent.

Cellulite removal does not have to be expensive because there are better alternatives. For example, there are home-based treatments and natural remedies. As a matter of fact, at-home treatments can usually deliver the same results compared to those medical treatments that cost quite a lot of money. Another advantage of home remedies is that they use supplies or ingredients commonly found in the home, so they are not difficult to find. In addition to home remedies, some of the most effective ways to reduce cellulite is to exercise regularly and improve your eating habits. Diet and exercise are affordable, good for your overall health, and can certainly be great solutions to reduce cellulite permanently.

Cellulite is basically an accumulation of fat that has disrupted from surrounding body tissues and then forms into an accumulation of poorly-distributed fat in the more susceptible areas of your body. As a general rule, strength-training workouts balanced with healthy diet will build your muscles, and due to the skin's elasticity, increased muscle volume will force the skin to adapt. The result is smoother skin and stronger body. Of course, you should continue eating healthy foods; especially those high in fiber, which will improve your metabolism and burn fat faster. If you must consume fatty foods, please choose healthy fats, such as olive and coconut oil.

Massage therapy is also a very good cellulite treatment, and it is a much cheaper alternative to medical treatments. Massage therapy works by increasing blood circulation and fat-burning by applying pressure to the skin. It helps to remove toxins and excess water from the skin's tissues, making it one of the healthiest cellulite removal treatments.

Instead of consuming medications, applying expensive lotions or injecting chemical-based substances to your body, aggressive massage can actually deliver quite impressive results. There are also some home remedies that can be used along with massage therapy, such as coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are a wonderful topical remedy for cellulite because it stimulates and increases blood circulation while extracting excess water from the body.

Essential oils are another great home remedy to use along with massage. Once again, you can use essential oils for massage therapy to simply improve its effects. Some of the best essential oils that are effective as cellulite cures are coconut oil, grapefruit oil, cypress oil, and juniper oil. All of these essential oils have one benefit in common: they strengthen connective tissues when applied topically and they stimulate toxin removal. Please keep in mind that these oils can be an allergen to some people, so a patch test is always recommended before every new treatment to ensure you do not develop an allergic reaction.


Cellulite removal or reduction is possible with injections, surgical, or laser treatments but you can also significantly reduce cellulite with simple and inexpensive methods such as exercise, diet and massage therapy.

In addition to being cheaper alternatives to chemical-based drugs, home remedies including coffee and essential oils are in most cases also safer since they are mainly acquired from natural sources such as fruits and plants.

The best news is that simply by changing your lifestyle to include regular exercise and healthy foods, cellulite can be significantly reduced or eliminated without the unnecessary time and expense of medical or surgical treatments.

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Using Skin Brightening Creams for Sun Damage Skin Repair

If you need to go out everyday, you will know how difficult it is to take care of yourself. Yes, taking care of your skin can be quite tough. There are tons of factors to consider, from managing your looks to ensuring that your skin stays healthy in all conditions. As you age, your skin is bound to lose that youthful vigour that you had in your young years. So, how do you keep your skin hydrated and retain that youthful and bright look?

Here is something that can help you do more and not worry about getting old.

Sun damage to the skin can be quite a serious problem to deal with. You need to protect yourself from sun damage, and using these are one of the best ways to protect yourself. Lightening up your skin tone with sun damage products is also one of the fastest ways to drastically improve your appearance.

What do these moisturizers really do? Are they really helpful? Here are two main things that brightening creams do while dealing with skin that is damaged from the harsh rays of the sun.

• They work like bleach – These brighteners target hyperpigmentation and spots that release from acne breakage. Spots also arise from the sun's harsh ultra violet rays damaging the skin in various areas.
• They fade acne stars – Yes, these do a great job in hiding acne scars or any other scar that occurs on your face

There are natural repairers as well that protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin C is a natural sun brightener and is great when wanting to reduce stains, maintain healthy skin and brighten it as well. Look out for a moiturizer that is rich in Vitamin C. This will ensure that you get an adequate amount of vitamins C to combat any damage done to it.

Make sure you use a cream that has SPF of 20 or a higher value. SPF offers a brightening effect apart from protecting you from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. Make sure you apply this cream by keeping at least 20 minutes before leaving the house.

That is why it is always best to use moisturizers for sun damage skin repair because it brightens the appearance and tone of the body. It aims at removing those dark blemishes and spots, giving your skin a wholesome experience. There are a number of other reasons to choose a brightening cream as well, but that's all for this article.

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The Benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil for Scars, Stretch Marks and Discoloration

Rosehip Seed Oil comes from the seeds of the rosehip fruit, a wild plant that grows in Chile. It is a “dry” oil, meaning that it absorbs into the skin easily, and does not leave a greasy residue. It is extremely high in essential fatty acids acids (over 77% of the rosehip seed is fatty acid). It is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants, especially Pro-Vitamin A (tretinoin), lycopene, beta-carotene and linoleic and linolenic acids.

All of these attributes make Rosehip Seed Oil a powerhouse for regenerating skin. The essential fatty acids convert to prostaglandins which assist in cellular membrane and tissue regeneration. This regeneration of tissues eliminates scars, sun damage and stretch marks. It also prevails the formation of keloid scar tissue, which is the characteristic thickening of the skin in scar formation.

There have been two important studies on rosehip seed oil:

In1983, the University of Santiago conducted research on 180 individuals. These tests studied people with extensive facial scarring, acne scarring, deep wrinkles, UV damage, radiation damage, burn scars, surgical scars, premature aging, dermatitis, and other skin related problems. In these tests, rosehip seed oil regenerated the skin, reduced scars and wrinkles, preceded the advancement of wrinkles and aging, and helped skin to regain its natural color and tone. Since this time, other universities and labs have also completed studies, also yielding positive results. Another well-known study in 1988 was conducted on twenty women between the ages of 25-35 with intense premature aging to their skin. Their skin was wrinkled, and had sun spots from overexposure to the sun. After four months of applying rosehip seed oil daily, their wrinkles and sun spots had almost completely disappeared, and the skin had a fresher and healthier look.

In summary, Rosehip Seed oil:

  • Reduces appearance of scars, burns and stretch marks
  • Builds collagen and restores skin elasticity
  • Treats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Corrects UV damage from the sun and protects against free radicals
  • Hydrates dry and itchy skin (Great for eczema and psoriasis)
  • Corrects dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and evens skin tone
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which helps to decrease environmental damage and soothe the skin.

Please note, contrary to what many websites say, Rosehip Seed oil does not contain Vitamin C as this is a water-soluble vitamin. Therefore, a stable form of Vitamin C has to be added to a cream in order to get the benefits of Rosehip Seed + Vitamin C. Also, because its strong properties, Rosehip Seed Oil is a very delicate oil that needs to be handled with care . Heat and over-exposure to air can destroy the wonderful benefits. Make sure you buy from a skin care company that puts quality first!

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What To Do If You Don’t Want Your Tattoo To Ruin Your Wedding Day

Weddings include many rituals and tattoo removal is starting to become one of them. In 2014 brides are often comfortable showing their tattoos but some prefer to remove their tattoo before the big wedding day.

There could be multiple reasons. Religion and family pressure often push brides to remove their old ink because these brides face limits when it comes to tattoos. Cover-ups, air brushing options but can be costly. These options also come with the danger of ruining a wedding dress and priceless photos. It is an important day many brides do not want to worry about tattoos and to enjoy the big day without any worries.

It is up to the bride at the end of the day. Those that choose tattoo removal may have a more important reason for laser removal. Ex partners names are one of the most common tattoo removal requests. This is crucial to a bride on their wedding day for personal reasons.

Most brides are focusing on creating a wonderful day to celebrate with their families. Some are not whiling to compromise and choose to simply remove old tattoos. The brides then have the ability to choose their dream dress and have those dream pictures without stress.

Some factors to help decide the bride's decision and preparations should include: size of the tattoo, color of ink and brides skin type. These arrangements should be made at the same time as the plan for the wedding is formulated. Start with a consultation appointment with a physician first, to make sure your skin is ready for laser treatments. After a consult with a doctor the next step is to set up a consultation with a tattoo removal studios. The studio should offer the bride more information about laser options, treatment plan, and pre / post treatment tips.

Not all states monitor tattoo removal studios in the same ways. It is important to research and protect yourself. Certain states must see studio staff get training and have a doctor on staff, there are those that do not need anything more than a laser.

Key Questions When Choosing a Studio:

1) Is there a Doctor on staff?

2) Is Staff Trained?

3) Years of Experience & History of Studio?

4) Laser Types?

5) Pre / Post Treatment Plan?

Average tattoo removal treatment is at least 6 treatments. Sessions planned between 4 and 6-week intervals. Any bride considering removing a tattoo needs to start this process as soon as possible to get the best results out of treatment.

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Natural Handmade Soaps For Rosacea

According to a survey which was conducted by the National Rosacea Society which included 1,066 patients suffering from rosacea, two of the most common factors which cause rosacea are the use of certain skin-care products (in around 41% of patients) and the use of certain cosmetics (in around 27% of patients). Other common causes can include things such as inflammation associated with bacteria on the skin. This is typically treated with a mixture of tetracycline antibiotics. The issue here is that one of the other common causes of rosacea is a change in the intestinal flora of the individual presenting with it. This can, big surprise, be caused by the very antibiotics that are being used to treat the issue to begin with.

How Can Natural Handmade Soaps Alleviate Rosacea?

More natural solutions such as natural handmade soaps are free from the aggressive ingredients which are often found in cleaning products such as sodium lauryl sulfate or a number of other added chemicals. The drying action that those products can have on the skin can trigger skin issues and can exacerbate the problem that rosacea presents. Beyond that, natural handmade soaps are often rich in glycerin which can help to hydrate the skin and restore a natural balance to the oils found in and on it.

Minimizing the use of harsh chemicals and soaps that have a drying action on the skin is absolutely paramount for avoiding rosacea (and other skin care problems) such as acne. Cleansing the face with something that will leave the skin hydrated and leave some of the sebum on the skin is the quickest way to clear up or alleviate skin conditions that may exist. People who suffer from rosacea, in particular, are often susceptible to chemicals and chemicals that are found in many commercial cleaning products, none of which are found in natural home soaps. Changing the time to one that includes only mild and natural ingredients is a quick way to solve these problems.

Rosacea can be a nightmare for the people who are suffering from it. The skin, particularly the skin of the face, is literal something that you (and everyone else) looks at every day. Worse, you have to put up with the irritation and discomfort that come along with this skin issue. So looking for a natural and inexpensive method to solve the problem like switching to natural handmade soap is the best way to alleviate these problems. This is a solution that has been suggested by both doctors as well as sufferers of rosacea. Beyond even that, the National Rosacea Society recommends switching from harsh chemicals and products that may result in drying of the skin as well. Your skin is one of the most important parts of your body, treat it in the correct way and problems will clear up in no time.

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How To Prevent Acne Outbursts With Natural Handmade Soaps

Most soaps contain harsh chemicals which can both damage the skin and lead to more frequent breakouts of acne. The problem is that soaps often contain chemicals which destroy the natural homeostasis of the skin and can lead to problems with the epidermis.

So this brings up an interesting question: How, exactly, do natural handmade soaps help to prevent acne outbreaks? What is so different about them that can cause them to prevent acne outbreaks when other soaps could exacerbate the issue? Here are a few answers to those questions:

• Many soaps do not actually have any antibacterial presence in the real world. They advertise that they do, and they certainly clean the skin well enough, but they do not actually do anything in the way of destroying bacteria. And the ones that do will typically end up destroying the natural flora of the skin as well. Natural soaps have antibacterial properties which can gently cleanse the skin and remove excess bacteria while maintaining the natural homeostasis of the skin itself.

• The lack of glycerin in normal soap will leave the skin dehydrated and dry skin can be one of the major triggers of acne.

• Natural soap contains the homeostasis of the skin insofar as the sebum (natural skin oil) and pores are concerned, both of which have been proven to be the major cause of almost all acne breakouts.

• Regular cleansing with mild and all natural soaps can clean off the dead skin cells and excess oil that leads to acne breakouts without causing drying of the skin or other forms of damage to the epidermis itself. This should be done anywhere that acne breakouts are common.

• Water based products and water soluble products such as natural soap are better to use than products that have non-soluble chemicals simply because they have both hydrating action and they do not cause any excess clogging of the pores.

So what should a person do who has acne? Switch to natural handmade soaps. This recommendation is not coming from a place of bias. The solution is a proven fact. The research is out there and it is even somewhat common knowledge. It should come as no surprise to anyone that companies will often switch out ingredients as a method of lowering the costs of producing their products. Following that logic, it should also come as no surprise that this often switches out the natural ingredients for (often cheaper) synthetic chemical ingredients. Natural handmade soaps will leave you skin feeling clean and will leave it hydrated rather than dry. The fact of the matter is, acne treatments are not only expensive, but they can often be avoided altogether simply by switching the products that you use to more natural versions and avoiding the use of anything harsh.

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The Plant Of Immortality And Its Benefits on Human Skin

Popularly called the “plant of immortality”, Aloe Vera has been used by Egyptians for a number of purposes. The targeted usages of the plant are medicinal as well as cosmetic.

It has long been proven to be one of the most effective therapies to sunburns. A plant originating from the Liliaceae family, cactus is the group that aloe typically falls in. It is mostly grown in parts of Africa and Asia, medicinally used for centuries.

A clear gel is to be secreted from the aloe leaves, which when broken off the plant, typically helps in healing wounds and soothing skin.

Studies have been conducted over the ages to examine the benefits to the aloe plant which state, they are wonderful in treating burns and wounds, minor skin infections, diabetes, cysts and elevated blood lipids can all be cured by aloe Vera. Eczema, dandruff, psoriasis, canker sores and skin ulcers can all be cured by regular aloe usage.

Auxin and Gibberelins are the two hormones that are usually found in the juice of aloe plant. Wound- healing and anti-inflammatory properties of this plant can actually help you in reducing skin burns.

Promoting the growth of new cells is thus enlarged by the usage of aloe Vera, thereby leading to skin healing more effectively. The healing is quick and natural with minimal scarring. Blistering and itchiness can be reduced to a large amount, helping skin heal rapidly. Psoriasis, acne and eczema along with several other chronic diseases can be effectively healed by this plant.

The plant is also known to be effectively healing signs of aging. The appearance of fine lines and elasticity are one big reason to start the usage of this plant. Beta carotene, vitamin C and E present in the leaf will help get you results that will in turn improve your skin's natural balance, keeping it hydrated, firm and beautiful.

75 different nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, anthraquinones or phenolic compounds, lignin, saponins, sterols, amino acids and salicylic acids are the various benefits one can derive from this plant.

The gel of this plant is also useful in hiding minor stretch marks that appear due to excessive stretch of skin at a given point of time.

Treatment of gum diseases that include gingivitis and periodontitis can be further reduced by the usage of aloe vera. Bleeding, infection and swelling of the gums are some of the other factors that can be appreciated by aloe gel.

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Career As A Makeup Artists: What Lies Ahead?

Aspiring to become a makeup artist but confused about the career prospects? You would be glad to know that this is one field which can never be tied to the monotonicity of processes and stereotypes. As a professional in the field, you may don many hats and still be famous for your specific field. But remember, creative fields do not promise a bouquet of opportunities. You will have to work your way down and learn with every passing experience as fame depends on your clout and nothing else. Here is a low-down on the common routes of the trade and what to expect from them.


Being a makeup artist you may presume that this is all to it so why does it need a special sub heading. Well, you would learn better of it later in the article. As for now, these are the people you recognize, idealize and think off as makeup artists. These are the aestheticians working at your salons and the sales facilitators at departmental stores, exclusive salons and malls. These jobs require formal training and full time hours. The pay varies greatly and can even extend up to 50K per month.

Theatrics and Performance

Makeup is as integral a part of the show business as theme and script is. And by show business we do not only mean film and TV, even the politicians who appear for news interview use their services to become camera ready. As for films, costume and makeup is the heart and soul of a character as you would have innocently realized while putting under scrutiny your favorite stars on screen. However, theatrics is the more typical one. If you want to add challenges to your career then this is the right platform. You have to master camera appearance, live appearance, and modulations as they would appear under changing lights and yet not overdo it and preserve the soul of the character. You would also have to adapt to an art that can be transformed drastically in a few brush strokes within fraction of seconds as scenes and plots progress. Here the pay knows no upper limit.

Marketing and development manager

To keep the chain of products rolling so the customers keep coming back for more is not an easy job. You can get a job at the corporate level to create branding image and forecast the public sentiment and trends. It would be your job to take care of marketing interests, identify what consumers need and design solutions accordingly.

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Four Tips For Men In Their 20’s To Get Great Skin and Get Noticed

Being a man in your twenties can be an awesome thing.

Freedom: You're experiencing some of it if you've moved out of your parent's house.

More money: You may even be experiencing your first significant pay jump at your job or in your career.

No longer a teen: In terms of your skin, you're likely out of the teen hormonal years and experiencing fewer breakouts, if any.

The time and attention you need to take on your skin is minimal in order to get great results. Truth be told, you might not be taking much care of your skin now and still have great results!

However, there are a few downsides in your twenties that you will not notice until your forties.

Lack of sleep: many sleepless nights creep up on you, and you'll see the train wreck later.

Partying like it's 1999: crazy nights that may involve a lot of smoking and second-hand smoke inhalation are turning your skin into beef jerky. Heavily drinking has nothing to do with hydration, and it's not only your kidneys that will suffer.

Consequent-less eating: Do not believe the lie. The adage, “you are what you eat” was not something your mother just made up. Cut the junk at least by in half.

Sun damage: this is particularly true in Australia, where we have some of the best weather in the world with an enviable summer lifestyle that is nearly year round. We have one of the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

The Facts: In terms of the health and fitness of your skin, your at the best point in your life in your twenties for having naturally awesome skin. Your skin's oil production has started to change slowly which is a good thing. You still have a ton of collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin soft and elastic. If you take great care of your skin now, you'll develop habits that will become natural to you which helps later when your skin starts to show the signs of aging. Your focus should be on developing these habits now by using products that keep your skin healthy, fresh and strong now to help slow down the aging process later.



I'm 42 now, but when I was in my 20's, I did a serious amount of partying. (I do not recommend it, by the way) I was also working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and needed to look great 24/7. Having been in the hospital twice for dehydration, I started a habit of drinking a gallon (3.7ltrs) of water every day. Yes, you pee a lot but it also gives you a lot more energy than you realize. Think of your car running on no oil; this is you running on no water. Your body is made up of about 60% water, so if over half of you is missing then you're going to be slow. And your skin will know it. Your skin will dry out, and you'll break out easily.


Washing your face may seem obvious, but I'm not talking about with a “bar of soap.” The skin on your face is different than the rest of your body and needs a gentler wash. Have you ever felt like you got Botox after your washed your face? It's because all of your natural oils have been stripped out. Wash gently.


Do not worry, you can do this! Think of using a moisturizer like squats: a means to an end. Just do it now, and you'll look and feel great. Plus in ten years you'll be a champ at this. Do it after you shower in the morning, and after you wash your face at night, just before bed.


If you've spent time out in the sun with unprotected skin, you could already be showing signs of sun damage in your twenties. Use at least an SPF + 15 before and during your time out in the sun. Do not worry, you'll still get the benefits of the sun but will be doing some very important preventative work.

NOW is the time in your life to discipline yourself about skin care. If you do, it will be so easy when you hit your 30's, 40's and beyond. Simple steps can give you awesome results. You'll be noticeable, and you'll take your appearance to the next level. Many men in their twenties are doing this, and if you're not already already behind the curve so get cracking mate!

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