Tips for Healthy Younger Looking Skin

Getting a healthy, youngger looking skin when you are in your 30s and beyond can be tricky, though not impossible. With proper skincare regime, use of best beauty products and a healthy lifestyle, defying your age can be possible. While there are many expensive, invasive ways of looking younger-thanks to advancement in medical science, here we have some non-invasive and inexpensive tips that will give you healthy, younger looking skin in a matter of few weeks.

  • Drink ample water. The nature's best detox agent is water. It not only hydrates the body but also nourishes your internal organs. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily to reap its benefit. Drinking enough water will make your digestive system regular, skin look supple and moist and remove almost all body ailments with no effort. It cleanses the system, which shows on your body and skin.

  • Pause and relax. It is essential in this hectic lifestyle to get some 'me-time'. Take some time off for your and engage in some activity that you love to do-an old passion, a new learnt activity, just anything. Relax your mind and body every day before you start your day and after you finish off the day's work. This will create a balanced atmosphere around you and reflect on your skin too.

  • Sleep enough. Individuals getting disturbed or inadequate sleep often show signs of confusion, forgetfulness, irritation and much more. Your skin reacts to this too, by showing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Get enough sleep. A standard 8 hours of sleep is necessary to reap the benefits of exercise and relax the mind and body, after a whole day's work. When you sleep, your body lowers its risk of heart disease, repairs cells as well as increases your stamina.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle as far as possible. Indulge in a clean eating habit. Eat lots of vegetables, protein rich food and fruits. Cut down on sugary drinks and foods as these will make you age faster by attacking your healthy cells. When your blood sugar levels are steady, your skin feels happy and glows. Opt for whole grains and other complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole-wheat pasta.

  • Move around. Start with a healthy exercise regime. A 30-minute walk, strength training, cardio-anything that makes your move, keeps your heart rate up and stretches your muscles shows on your skin.

  • Use as little makeup and other skincare products as possible. The more you bury your skin with chemicals, the more it is going to react. Opt for organic and natural products or products that have less of preservatives and chemicals. Cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs and toners should be mild enough to do their job without making your sin dry and irritant . Imported skin care products often contain natural ingredients that work wonders for skin.

  • Adapt to a regular face care routine. A daily skincare routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing is not enough. Include scrubbing in your face care routine to rub off those dead cells and reveal new fresh skin. Start with a night care routine too, that includes applying a vitamin e rich night cream that will help the skin repair its cells and rejuvenate. International skin care products from Olay, L'Oreal and many more offer a wide variety of night creams and serums that claim to get you a youngger looking skin the next morning.

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5 Ways To Have Beautiful, Fair Skin

Do you feel jealous of people with flawless skin? Did you know that you can look just like them? Here are few beauty tips to help have beautiful, fair skin.

Make use of night creams

Walk to you local stores and you will see hundreds if not thousands of night creams that you can use to rejuvenate your skin. Studies have shown that few people are able to have the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Due to this they have tired-looking skin. The night cream helps your skin have a well-rested look.

Make use of home remedies

If you do not have money to buy a night cream you should not worry as there are many home remedies that you can use. One of the most effective is yogurt. Add 1 tablespoonful of yogurt in 8-10 drops of lemon juice and mix them together and you will have an effective night cream.

You can make the cream interesting by adding lavender or rose oil. If you are allergic to lemon juice, use tomato puree instead. Just like when using the commercial night cream, apply the homemade cream every night.

Ripe papaya is another great product that you can use. You should mash it well with a fork and then add a spoonful of fresh cream or yogurt.

In addition to these there are other products that you can use such as orange, strawberries, turmeric powder and cooked oats.

Exfoliate regularly

You must have heard this on numerous occasions and I repeat, you need to exfoliate for you to have smooth, fair skin. For ideal results you should use a facial peel with a gentle fruit-based acid.

If you can not afford the commercial product you should use sugar. All you need to do is wet your face then apply a little sugar on it. You should then slowly rub the sugar on your face.

Take the right vitamins

Vitamins are integral for a beautiful, smooth face. One of the best vitamins that you should include in your diet is vitamin C. In addition to lightening your skin, vitamin C also contains suppleness of the skin.

Great sources of vitamin C include tomatoes, green peas, sweet peppers, and cantaloupes. It's also good that you take citrus fruits such as oranges, gooseberries and lemons.

Another important vitamin that you should take is vitamin A. Vitamin A keeps the skin healthy and tight. It also clears up blemishes and skin tans. Foods rich in beta-carotene aid in minimizing sun damage.

Great sources of vitamin A include tomatoes, watermelon, egg yolk, non fat milk, papaya and carrots.

Protect your skin using sunscreen

To keep off the harmful sun rays you should use sunscreen. Many people apply sunscreen only when they are on the beach, but this should not be the case. You should apply it daily. Experts recommend that you apply it 30 minutes before you leave the house.

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Home Remedies for Suntan Removal

When the sun's sharp rays beat down on us, we lose our natural complexion and begin to look dark. Not all women like this and wonder what can take away that dreadful 'second skin'. But if you too are a victim of suntan, do not worry because your kitchen is full of some tried and tested home remedies for suntan removal, such as:

Baking soda: You can get rid of a suntan by making a paste of baking soda and water and applying it on the tanned area of ​​your body. Done on alternate days, it can give good results.

Aloe vera: One of aloe vera's many properties is its ability to remove suntan. To use aloe vera, mix a tablespoon of Fuller's Earth or multani mitti with a pinch of turmeric powder and rose water. Dilute it enough to get a thickish consistency. Apply it on your face and hands and let it dry. Wash and pat the skin dry. Within a week of applying this mix, your skin will lighten considerably and will feel clean and nourished. You can also apply fresh aloe vera gel on your suntanned skin at bedtime and wash it off in the morning.

Lemon juice: Lemon is a natural bleach, so apply it on your tanned skin and feel its amazing benefits. Apply lemon juice directly on the affected area and let it dry before washing it off. Do this three times a week for good results.

Yogurt: Of the many home remedies for suntan removal, this one is a winner. Yogurt helps reduce a sun tan even as it is cooling to the skin. It also gets rid of any skin redness and tightens open pores. A cup of plain curd, the juice of one cucumber and one tomato blended together can make for the right recipe for sun tan removal.

Vinegar: Combining equal quantities of water and vinegar when applied to sunburned parts of your body can give fabulous results. When you see the difference, wash it off with cold water. Do it on a daily basis till you get 100% results.

Cucumber: The cooling effect of cucumber helps soothe tanned skin. This vegetable contains Vitamin C which acts as a good and natural skin moisturizer. To use cucumber for a suntan, mix two tablespoons of its juice to one tablespoon of lime juice and a pinch of turmeric. Apply the paste on the affected areas and leave on for about 30 minutes before washing it off with water.

Gram flour: Gram flour or besan helps remove a suntan by taking off the dead cells and leaving the skin looking tight, young and bright. Make a paste of gram flour in water and rub it on the affected parts of your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off. Continue to do this two or three times a week until you see really good results. For best results, add a few drops of lime juice to the paste.

Papaya pulp: Massage papaya pulp on the tanned parts of your body for about 10-15 minutes and leave it on for another 15 minutes. When it begins to dry, wash it off using cold water.

By making a habit of using any of the above tried and tested home remedies for suntan removal, your skin will regain its former glorious look.

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Sunblock VS Sunscreen

Skin cancer prevention – Common mistakes made when applying sun protection

Sun Lovers Beware

It's a fact, if you are out in the sun most of the day, or you love the beach and like having beautiful golden-brown, sun-tanned skin, your skin will age faster. You will have sun spots, wrinkles and sagging skin at a much earlier age. You can prevent this from happening, if you know how to protect your skin correctly.

Sunscreen VS Sunblock

Sunblock shields your skin against UVB rays. Sunblock contains ingredients, both organic, and non-organic, which act as a barrier between your skin and the sun's UV rays. It forms a protective layer on top of the skin and acts as a reflector scattering the UVB light.

Sunscreen protects your skin against UVA rays. Sunscreen penetrates your skin and absorbs the UVA rays which causes the damage to your dermal layer. The active ingredients deflects harmful UV rays before reaching the skin's outer epidermis layer.

Which one to choose?

So which one do you use? The answer is both. These days you can buy sunblock and sunscreen all-in-one. If you bought them separately, it would not make much difference if you just applied them both at once.

Important facts you need to remember when you use sunblock or sunscreen:

Look out for ingredients such as ecamsule and zinc oxide when buying a sun lotion, which blocks out photo aging UVA rays and protect your skin from UVB rays ..

Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you are exposed to the sun, allowing it to be completely absorbed into your skin.

The recommended daily amount of sun lotion amounts to about the size of one shot glass. On average most people use less than 50% of that amount.

SPF measures the level of the sun protection against the UVB rays causing sunburn. Always look out for a sun lotion which offers protection against both UVB and UVA rays, in order to also protect your skin from premature skin aging.

The lighter your skin, the faster you can burn. It's advisable to use sun lotion with a higher SPF factor, the lighter your skin. Never less than SPF 30.

Always reapply sun lotion after you go into the water, no matter whether the bottle reads water resistant or not. Reapply lotion every few hours.

Nothing will completely undo the damage caused by the sun, but your skin can somehow repair itself if you apply the correct sun protection methods. It's never too late to start taking better care of your skin. Keep in mind, sun does not only cause the skin to age faster, but also puts you at a high risk of developing skin cancer.

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How to Prevent Wrinkles Naturally – 10 Skin Care Tips

Wrinkles are nothing but usually a sign of our skin getting older. It is a natural process that should not really bother you, but some people are not really happy with it. As we gradually grow older, moisture in our skin decreases, it becomes very thin; the ability of our skin to protect it from wrinkles is reduced as well as the tightness of the skin is lost. This is due to many factors but mainly it is because of aging. These can be treated by dermatological means using different treatments that include chemical creams or processes but it is better to treat them by natural means.

What kinds of treatment you should take mainly depends upon what is the intensity of the wrinkles; Whether they are deep wrinkles or just fine thin lines. Chemical treatments can be costly. But using natural anti-aging wrinkle cream can be affordable and easy way to fight wrinkles. So, here are some natural ways to treat and protect wrinkles from occurring:

1. Drink plenty of water: As we all know, drinking plenty of water is very necessary in many aspects especially for your skin. The results will not be seen immediately but definitely are very effective for a long-term life.

2. Less exposure to pollution and sun: Protect your skin from sun and pollution by using scarves, goggles, caps, sun coats, etc. it will definitely spare your skin from many problems including wrinkles.

3. Use of natural creams: Using chemically prepared skin care cosmetic products can show you temporary results but are definitely not good for your skin for a long-term use. These chemicals have many side effects and should not be really used regularly. Try natural anti-aging wrinkle creams that are made up of all natural extracts and have healthy long-term effects on your skin.

4. Eat healthy food: Diet that is healthy is primarily needed for skin issues. Vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts should be taken regularly. They can maintain health of our skin for a long time. Food that contains high levels of carbohydrates, sugars, fats should be avoided mostly.

5. Masks for tightening of skin: Applying natural things to your skin that helps to tighten it and make it supple should be done time to time. Such masks are made from Milk, Aloe Vera, apple extracts, honey, egg whites, bananas, etc. All these are very helpful in skin tightening.

6. Giving up bad habits: Smoking and intake of drugs are two main bad habits that cause wrinkles quickly and severely, especially on the face. These should be strictly avoided.

7. Avoid stressing too much: Stress or depression can cause wrinkles. Try different methods to sooth your stress levels like meditation, exercising, yoga, eating healthy and on time, regularly going for a walk or for a short vacation.

8. Sleep well: A person should get a good night sleep of at least 8 hours; helps to fight wrinkles and many other skin issues.

9. Aerated drinks: Avoid aerated drinks that are bad for the skin.

10. Massage your skin: Olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, fish oils are the oils that are excellent for the moisture of your skin. Massaging your skin with these oils will give you visible results in no time.

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Causes, Symptoms, Types and Treatment of Freckles

Freckles vary in color from red, light brown, brown, tan, yellow or black. They are more prominent in summer and among lighter-skinned people or those with light or red hair. Women and men get freckles at a comparable rate.

  1. Causes – the main cause of the development of freckles is the skins exposure to the sun. Often freckles will fade when exposure to the skin is reduced or eliminated. Melanin is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in the skin. The accumulating of melanin in one place usually results in a freckle. Addition, genetic factors and hormone abnormalities can cause freckles.
  2. Symptoms and Signs – freckles are irregular solitary spots that sometimes may be grouped together. This makes the freckles appear larger and cover a larger portion of the skin. Commonality is found between freckles, age spots and pregnancy mask that are formed in sun exposed areas of the face, hands, chest and back. The accumulation of skin pigment melanin produce these welcome brown patches.
  3. Types – there are two types of freckles:
  • Ephelides – is a term that refers to flat spots that are red or light-brown, appear during the summer months and fade in the winter.
  • Lentigines – these are usually developed by children with the start of a small, tan, brown or black spot that tend to be darker than an ephelis-type freckle and typically does not fade in the winter.
  1. Treatment – there are several effective treatments for freckles:
  • Bleaching Creams – the most beneficial treatment for lightning freckles is consistently applying hydroquinone and kojic acid over a period of time. Vitamin A when applied over a period of time will make freckles lighter.
  • Chemical Peels – these are used to remove age spots, freckles, discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles by making the skin smooth and firm then gradually curing freckles.
  • Cryosurgery – is a light freeze using liquid nitrogen.
  • Laser Removal -the laser projects an intense light on the affected area causing the light to be absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin and melanin, destroying the darker cells, leaving the healthy cells intact. This is the most effective method to remove freckles. A newer form of facial revitalization is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL). IPL deliveries intensity to the superficial (epidermis) and deep (dermis) layers of the skin. Therefore the epidermis is denied damage and there is virtually no recovery time.

Knowing the facts about freckles, what causes them, the types and the various treatments available is for informational purposes. Consult a medical professional before starting any treatment plan or if you develop any unusual skin irritations.

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How To Create An Effectual Skin Care Regime

One of the great things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have aisle full of brands, different shapes, sizes, colors, properties, and what not. One of the awful things about shopping for cosmetics is that you have an aisle or two full of branded items, most of them popular featuring about the way they'll make you look. It's easy to get confused, lost and brilliant levels of marketing clouds your judgment.

Our concern for skin care makes us buy a number of creams, lotions and moisturizers. Although most of us do not even know the difference between these or the impact it makes on the skin. Creams lock the moisture on the skin so giving it a smooth look. This is why it is usually advised to apply cream after bathing, as the moisture retention is better on damp skin. Creams of all kind are basically a mixture of oil and water. Different ratio of oil and water is what makes these products so different (as from fragrance, supplements and preservatives).

It is not a common knowledge of how creams work or the measure of their performance. Many the industries do not use a very scientific method. When you apply the cream, it creates vibrations that are then detected by your brain. These vibrations are mainly caused by the friction created on the skin because of the cream rub. Cream's viscosity or thickness and rough manner of rub also accents the friction which in turn runs the whole show of creams. Whole science of creams comes down to decreasing the friction while increasing the smoothness. Now the thickness of creams depends on the oil water ratio. Skin does not absorb oil as quickly as it does water, though oil retains moisture better and longer. Creams with more oil content are thick, greasy and heavy but they protect the skin for longer time.

Creams are of four different categories: oil based, water based, oil free and water free. While deciding for a kind of cream one needs to factor in one's own skin type. Women have broadly five different types of skin: Dry, Oily, Mature, Sensitive and Combination.

Dry skin will profit from heavier, oil-based creams and oily skin will benefit from lighter, water-based creams. Oil-based creams work well for mature skin to preserve moisture. Sensitive skin reacts to most oil water combinations; they need a soothing agent like aloe with a water free cream. Normal skin is most likely to benefit from a light water based moisturizer.

For a beneficial skin care routine, one needs to least dependent on chemicals. Too many skin care products should not be used on the skin, same goes for makeup products. Selecting a skin care product becomes a lot easier if you know your skin type as well as what face oils will work best for you. For a healthyier, smooth looking skin without using toxins or harsh chemicals, consider adding face oils to your skin care routine. Aroma therapy using face oils can have favourable impact. Some essential oils, like rose and neroli, have delightful aroma. They are known to lift the spirit and calm the soul.

Knowing your skin and its needs is most important in your skin care routine. So is picking out suitable skin care products. Eating right and staying healthy contributions to youngger looking skin. Keep your skin radiant, glowing and healthy at all times.

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Gear Up for a Safe and Fun-Filled Holi

The festival of colors is just around the corner and as every color has different hues, Holi has its own hues. Amidst enjoyment, we only look at the positive side of the festival and ignore the negative one. Like other festivals, Holi too has been commercialized by various synthetic color manufacturing companies. These companies produce Holi colors that are extremely harmful for our health and environment.

Holi colors contain hazardous substances like lead oxide, mercury sulphide, aluminum bromide, copper sulphate, Prussian blue, and many more. Such harmful contents in Holi colors can cause many health related problems including skin rashes, eye allergies, temporary blindness, and so on. This article will help you find some great tips on how you can save your skin and hair from the harmful effects of synthetic Holi colors.

Quick tips to protect your hair from artificial colors

To avoid your hair from being frizzy, unmanaged, and dull after playing Holi, just follow these tips.

  • Massage the entire length of your hair with coconut, olive or any oil that suits your hair. Oil will create a protective layering on your hair against artificial Holi colors and dust.
  • Cover your hair with a cap to keep them safe against harmful colors.
  • Wash off your hair properly with a mild shampoo and a good conditioner.
  • You can make up for the damage by applying a natural hair pack.
  • You can make your own hair pack by mixing henna powder, lemon juice and curd. Apply it on hair and wash after an hour.

Quick tips to protect your skin from artificial colors

  • Apply a layer of body care oil on your face, arms, legs, and so on to keep it protected against chemicals.
  • Wear full length clothes that cover the maximum part of your skin.
  • Apply a waterproof sunscreen that suits your skin tone.
  • Apply a layer of lip balm on your lips.
  • Apply a transparent nail polish to save your nails from getting colored with harsh Holi colors.
  • Do not use hard soaps to remove Holi colors off your skin.

Quick home remedies to remove harsh synthetic Holi colors

  • Make a face pack with one spoon of masoor dal, one spoon of flour, rose water and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on your face and let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with water.
  • Apply a face pack of soya bean flour or besan with milk. Add a little sea salt, glycerine, and a few drops of aroma oil. Apply this face pack to wash off Holi colors .
  • Simply wash your face with warm water and then apply aloe vera and lemon to get off the color.
  • Do not scrub your face harshly with water and always wash it after applying a little amount of oil on the skin. This will help in removing the color easily and will also make you get rid of itchiness and dryness.

So this Holi, keep all the tips in mind and splash colors without any fear. Wishing you all a safe and fun-filled Holi.

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Are You Getting the Best Results From Your Natural Skin Care Products?

You have finally decided to remove synthetic skin care products from your skin care regime and replaced them with natural beauty products that will be safer and gentler on your skin and better for your health. However, even if your products are all natural and organic, it may still prove challenging to determine which ones work best for you or even know if they are working effectively. Two problems arise from suddenly switching from synthetic to natural beauty products. Firstly, wanting the product to show results right away, in other words being a little impatient and secondly, not giving the products enough time to work effectively. If you are not sure whether your natural skin care products are working, the following guidelines will help you ensure that you get the most from the products you purchase;

Practice consistency

When you purchase natural skin care products, it is important to use them regularly in order to reap maximum benefits. Neglecting to do this will mean you will not be able to tell whether the products are working effectively and will increase the length of time it takes for you to begin to see results. It's best to stick to one product and not switch them from one use to the next.

Give it time

You may have developed skin problems from years of overusing dangerous synthetic products or from following a poor skin care regime. Wrinkles, dry and inflated skin and other conditions do not develop overnight. It takes time for your skin and your body to adjust to new products. Switching from commercial antiperspirant to natural deodorant for example can take weeks before your body and skin are able to adjust. You should there before exercise patience and stick it out for a reasonable amount of time until you begin to see the results you want.

Select the right products for your skin type

Whether you are using synthetic or natural products, you should find out which ingredients work best for your skin type to avoid irritating, over moisturizing or drying out your skin with the wrong products.

Making the choice to switch to natural products is among the best decisions you can make for your skin and overall health. However, in order to reap maximum benefits from the change, it is important to exercise patience, give the process plenty of time, and choose the right products for your skin type.

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How to Fade Ugly Sun Spots On Your Skin

Most of us associate skin pigmentation with age, but it is not always the case. Sun spots are caused due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.

They are flat patches that are usually darker in color than the rest of the skin. They are common on the face and the hands. Medically, they are called solar lentigines and are rarely associated with genetics. They are not harmful; but they are also not desirable because they leave your skin with a blotchy appearance.

Home Remedies from your Kitchen Cabinet

Lemon juice –
The mildly acidic juice juice helps fade sun spots. To add, vitamin C contained in it is good for the overall health of the skin. It leaves the skin with a smooth texture and even tone.

Use a cotton ball to apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice onto the discolored spot. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cool water. For the best results, apply it daily for 2 months. If you suffer dry skin, the lemon juice might dry it out further. In this case, you can dilute it with water or honey or drop in some olive oil.

Red onion –
Red onion juice works like bleach helping to gradually lighten age spots. Simply slice a red onion and apply it to the affected area. Leave the juice on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Do it once every day for about 2 months.

Buttermilk –
Buttermilk helps improve the appearance of facial spots by acting as an exfoliant. It contains lactic acid that sloughs off the dead skin layers of skin. Buttermilk is better suited for dry skin as its natural fat content moisturizes it. However, if your skin is oily or acne prone, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to it.

Apply buttermilk with a cotton ball directly onto the sun spots. Another recipe you can use is a mixture of 4 teaspoons of buttermilk and 2 teaspoons of tomato juice.

Green tea –
Green tea is rich in antioxidants and hence beneficial to skin health. Put a tea bag in a cup of hot boiling water for around 5 minutes. Squeeze the tea bag on a cotton ball and apply it to the sunspot. The green tea will gradually fade the age spots.

Aloe Vera –
Aloe Vera works wonders by repairing and rejuvenating the skin. The best to use is fresh Aloe Vera gel. Slice open a leaf, take the gel and apply it to the sun damaged area. It should be applied twice daily for about 30 minutes.

The treatment must be followed religiously for 2 months if you want noticeable results. In case fresh Aloe Vera gel is not available, you can use fresh aloe juice or a cream infused with the same.

Apple Cider Vinegar
You will find apple cider vinegar listed as a natural remedy for a range of health issues. It is one of the best ingredients if you are looking to erase those sun spots permanently.

Apple cider vinegar is too strong to use on the skin in its undiluted form; hence, it must be diluted with an equal amount of water. Do not leave it on your skin for too long or repeat the procedure too often. It could irritate the skin. As an alternative, you can mix the apple cider vinegar with orange juice or onion juice.

At the doctor's office:

Chemical Peels –
Chemical peels reverse sun damage. It involves the use of chemical solutions to remove the top layers of skin and expose a new layer of skin. There are side effects to the procedure. It has to be done at a dermatologist's clinic and only after a spot test.

Laser Resurfacing –
Laser resurfacing refinishes the skin by removing the damaged layers using laser light. Although very effective and a permanent solution, it is expensive and requires a lot of after-treatment care. It is recommended for severely damaged skin.

Vitamin E capsules
Vitamin E is a silver bullet for all your skin and hair troubles. For faster results cut open a Vitamin E capsule and gently massage the gel-like substance to the sun spots. Leave it overnight and wipe it with a wet cloth in the morning. You can do the same if your skin is scarred.

You can also use skin brightening serums containing hydroquinone and licorice extract as the chief ingredients.

What else to keep them away

Sun spots will continue to rear their ugly head if you move out in the sun without protection.

• Try as much as possible to avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight.
• Shield your face with a scarf or wide brimmed hat.
• Slather a good sun block with at least 30SPF or higher and one with Zinc oxide.

As a precautionary measure, you should have the sun spots checked by your doctor, particularly if they are extremely dark and slightly raised. These could be moles and not sun spots.

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How To Take Care Of Your Skin At Home

Well, a beautiful skin helps you feel beautiful and confident. Some of the factors that take a toll on your skin are stress, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, exposure to pollution, exposure to sun, alcohol and smoking.

Skin care is now becoming increasingly important and should be included in your daily routine.

Here are some of the most common skin care treatments that you could follow from home:


Lemon helps you keep your skin clean and clear. It's main ingredient is citric acid that helps you keep your skin clear by removing dead cells. The vitamin C present in Lemon helps reduce dark spots and also improves the cell renewal process. If you are worried about your overall skin complexion, lemon can effectively act as a skin lightening agent giving your skin a perfect glow.

One of the most effective methods used is to apply lemon juice to your skin daily or on every other day. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with warm water.

As an alternative, you can mix the lemon juice with honey and then apply it.


Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic and is definitely good for your skin. It also acts as a skin lightening agent. Especially if you need to cure some kind of scars on your face, turmeric powder will help a great deal. It can also help you alleviate allergic, inflammatory and infectious skin ailments. If you wish to rejuvenate your skin naturally, turmeric is the answer.

Turmeric powder and pineapple juice is a great combination for dull looking skin.

Turmeric powder and gram flour mixed with milk can give you a glowing, healthy looking skin.


Honey acts as an excellent moisturizer. It is also known to have antibacterial properties. This is an excellent remedy when it comes to ward off certain skin ailments and infections.

A good idea is to mix honey with milk and gram flour and then apply to your skin. It not only cures some common ailments but also helps treat infections of some kind.


Cucumber contains hydrating and astringent properties and helps repair damaged skin cells and also help remove dead cells. It leaves the skin glowing. You can directly cut a cucumber and rub it on your face. Leaving it overnight can give you better results. If you mix cucumber juice and lemon juice, apply the mixture on your skin and wash it off after a while with lukewarm water.

Your skin will remain healthy and glowing – always!

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Sleep and the Effects on Your Skin

The relationship between skin health and lack of quality sleep can be a vicious cycle. Compounding this issue may be conditions such as atopic dermatitis or eczema, which may lead to scratching through the night. Inflammatory membranes conditions like acne or psoriasis are also affected by poor sleep habits when the body produces an increase of stress hormones. Increased itching disrupted the sleep cycle resulting in the poor quality of sleep and worsening conditions. On the other hand, when the body gets a good night's sleep, this allows the epidermis to clear up, which improves skin health and improves sleep.

Reasons why not getting adequate sleep diminishes skin health and health in general:

  • When your body does not get enough sleep any existing skin conditions worsen. This can be increase in sensitivity, acne breakouts, allergic contact dermatitis reactions and irritant dermatitis. When these increases occur, the more skin care routines are needed to treat the ailment.
  • Lack of or not enough sleep diminishes your skin's natural beauty. When there are increased inflammatory cells in the body, these leads to an increase in the breakdown of hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are the molecules that give the tissue its bounce, translucency and glow.
  • Immune-related skin problems worsen when a lack of sleep occurs. When the body's ability to regulate the immune system is thrown off balance, increased inflammation arises. This also leads to getting sick more often and immune-related skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema to flare up.
  • As we sleep, the body's hydration rebalances. When the body does not receive sufficient sleep the body can not process excess water for removal. These results in puffy bags under the eyes and under-eye circles, as well as, dryness and more visible wrinkles.
  • When the body does not receive enough sleep the aging process accelerates. Damaged cells are repaired with the rise of growth hormones during the deep sleep phase. Without this defect sleep phase's only small breakdowns are accumulated instead of being reversed, so the noticeable signs of aging.
  • Insufficient sleep can be attributed to weight gain. Lack of sleep has been linked to excess snacking and calorie consumption.

Tips for obtaining good sleep and better skin health:

* Drink plenty of water during the day but limit evening consumption

* Do not eat a big meal late at night

* Sleep in a cool, dark, quiet room under a warm blanket

* Keep all electronic devices out of the bedroom

* Use clean cotton sheets as they do not collect dust mites and bacteria

* Avoid laundry detergents that are screened as they may irritate the skin

The old cliché of getting your beauty sleep is a must for having healthy skin that glows.

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This Holi, Smear Up The Faces With Organic Colours

Holi, the festival of colors, marks the beginning of spring and brings with it the colors of joy that represent the various shades of spring season. But sadly, this beautiful festival is no more beautiful and has become a source of environmental degradation. It has been ruthlessly commercialized by chemical color manufacturing companies that produce harmful colors due to which the environment gets badly affected. Many social and environment friendly groups have come up frequently to make people aware about the harmful effects of Holi colors. These groups encourage people to use organic colors and urge them to go back to traditional ways to enjoy the true essence of the festival. This article aims at making people realize the negative effects of Holi gulal on our health and environment.

Typically, there are three different types of Holi colors available in the market. These include Holi Paste Colors, Holi Dry Colors, and Holi Wet Colors. Let's take a look at the composition of these 3 different types of colors.

Harmful Chemicals in Holi Paste Colors

Color – Chemical Content – Effects on Health

Green – Copper Sulphate – Eye allergy and temporary blindness

Black – Lead Oxide – Renal failure and learning disability

Purple – Chromium Iodide – Bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases

Silver – Aluminum Bromide – Carcinogenic

Red – Mercury Sulphide – Skin cancer

Harmful Chemicals in Holi Gulal

Holi gulal also called as dry Holi colors are made out of a colorant and a base. The colorants used in making Holi gulal are toxic and the base is mostly asbestos or silica. Both the components cause health related problems. Colorants contain heavy metals, which can cause respiratory problems, dermatitis, eye allergy, and so on.

Harmful Chemicals in Wet Holi Colors

Wet Holi colors are mostly made out of Gentian violet that causes skin discoloration and many other skin related diseases. Holi color sellers especially roadside sellers often sell colors that are meant only for industrial use. The degree of health issues these colors cause can not be fathomed.

How These Colors Affect the Environment

These toxic Holi colors not only pose a threat to your health but affect our environment too. Frequent use of these colors can disturb the ecological balance. Holi colors are very difficult to decompose biologically as they are complex structured polymers. On washing away, these toxic colors enter rivers and soil and do not decompose easily causing environmental degradation.

The Safest Alternative

Taking into consideration the health and environmental hazards of chemical based Holi colors, it's very important that people shift to organic Holi colors. These herbal colors can be easily made at home with natural ingredients. One can enjoy the Holi festival with organic colors without worrying about anything. Herbal gulal is not only a great alternative to chemical Holi colors but these colors also produce a healthy shining effect on the skin. Let's take a look at how easily you can make these Holi colors at home.

Color – Method of Preparation

Red – Mix red sandalwood powder with sindoor or soak red hibiscus flowers overnight to get wet red color

Saffron – Crushed dried tesu flowers to a powder, and then mix it with sandalwood powder.

Yellow – Mix turmeric (haldi) and gram flour (besan) to make yellow color

Black – Boil gooseberries (fruits of amla) in an iron container for a few minutes and leave it for some time and later dilute it for further use.

Green – Mix henna powder (mehendi) with any suitable flour to get a lovely green shade.

So now that you have many different ways to extract natural and organic Holi colors just go ahead and play safe Holi this season. You can also get these colors readily made for you at different online organic color stores. Just find the best suitable for you. Happy Holi!

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Restore Moisture Content of Skin for a Temptingly Gorgeous Skin Surface

The skin rich in moisture content gives a soft, supple, smooth, and youthful look. But, the skin deficient in moisture is a problematic issue. It makes the skin dry and invites several complications, particularly in the winter season. Read on, as the present article throws light on the subject and guides with the expert measures available to restore the moisture rich radiant glow of skin surface.

Natural ingredients for skin care

The optimum moisture content of skin is vital – and skin deficient in moisture is generally dry with no healthy glow. Here, use of plant extracts and beauty products enriched with precious herbs and ayurvedic extracts – helps a lot to moisturize, protect and pamper the skin. The noteworthy and result oriented beauty tips are illustrated underneath,

Tip-1 Create a paste by mixing equal quantities of lemon juice, milk cream and tomato juice. Apply this freshly prepared paste on skin and leave it for at least ten minutes, and then wash off with clean water. This results into moisture rich, smooth and youthful skin.

Tip-2 Take carom seeds and soak it into the hot water for half an hour. Now, use it to wash the skin. This will provide scintillating and awesome natural beauty to dry skin.

Tip-3 The use of castor oil is highly recommended for dry skin, as it penetrates deeply into the skin layers and results into soft and temptingly gorgeous skin surface.

Tip-4 Apply the freshly prepared mixture of honey and orange juice on skin – by and rubbing it gently for few minutes. Leave the mixture of honey and orange juice on skin for ten minutes, and then, wash off with clean water.

Tip-5 Apply the freshly prepared mixture of honey, curd and avocado juice on dry skin. This not only restores the optimum moisture level of skin, but also provides great relief from itchy and flaky skin.

Chocolate pack

Here, a chocolate pack has proved incredibly fruitful in giving boost to moisture level and maintaining the youthful glow of skin. The chocolate pack can be easily prepared by mixing two tablespoons of mashed avocado, two tablespoons of maize flour, five tablespoons of honey, and five tablespoons of cocoa powder. It is advised to apply the freshly prepared chocolate pack on skin and leave it for half an hour – and wash off with luke warm water. Last but not least, the beauty tips illustrated above, when used in right way as directed – gives an amazing smoothness, radiance, and firmness to skin.

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Dead Sea Mud Mask And Its Benefits

Having a beautiful skin is certainly not okay if it means literally putting on large amounts of “mud” on your face. But if this “mud” is not the kind that you see on the road during rainy days but a special “mud” that can turn your skin into something special, then for sure, thousands of people are willing to apply it on their face.

The “mud” that we are talking here is a special mixture of natural ingredients that is very effective in making the skin in your face glowing, radiant and smooth. This mud, called Dead Sea Mud Mask, is rich in minerals that is taken straight from the shores of the Dead Sea, hence the name.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask works to purify and clean clogged pores. It leaves the skin nourished, rejuvenated and fresh all day. There is really no explanation as to why it is beneficial not only to the skin but to other health conditions like arthritis. It is even proven to benefit cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. And these benefits are supported by hundreds of clinical trials so people who are planning to use this will not worry about getting any side effects because the Dead Sea mud is completely natural.

In clinical trials, it was proven that the Dead Sea mud instantly improved the skin's natural processes, works to relax the muscles, eases the pain caused by arthritis. and even provides tranquility and inner calmness.

Although the black color of the mud mask is not attractive, it is very effective because it is rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, born, potassium and strontium. The mud is, in fact, a great source of essential minerals for the body to function at its best.

Maybe it would be great to know that the black mud is actually a deposit of silt that was washed down from the mountains surrounding the Dead Sea. This deposit has accumulated through the years so never worry because the Dead Sea mud will never run out.

This mud mask makes the skin smooth, silky and soft. It helps release sebum from the skin and promoters perspiration theby releasing toxins from the body.

When it is applied on the face, it seals the skin, producing a warmer feeling. The sealing process has been proven to improve the skin's ability to absorb the natural minerals found in the mud, which helps cell regeneration. The result is younger-looking skin that is naturally beautiful.

What is best about the Dead Sea mud is it does not only benefit the face but also the whole body. It can be used as a body wrap as an addition to the mask.

Spas and treatment centers in the world are now using Dead Sea mud as a body wrap to calm muscles, relieve muscle pain, moisturize the skin and improve its elasticity.

It also helps eliminate toxins in the body through perspiration and even helps in breaking down fat deposits.

If you are craving to have smooth and beautiful facial skin, the Dead Sea mud mask perfectly fits on you because it can be used on all skin types.

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