Why Some Beauty Products Are A Waste Of Money

Every woman worthy of the name wants to look her best, and in fact most men do too. Looking good can cost a lot of money, though, and while some beauty products repay their investment several times over, others are a complete waste of money. Do not be taken in by the hype surrounding these products.

Problem solvers

It probably will not surprise you to learn that many of the so-called 'miracle creams' are nothing of the kind. That's because there are some beauty problems that can not be solved at the moment, because the scientists have not yet figured out how to do that. Anti-cellulite creams, miracle anti-wrinkle creams and products that promise to make the hair on your head grow and minimize hair growth under your arms are going to have little or no effect on your cellulite, wrinkles and hair, or anyone else's.

Anti-cellulite creams and anti-wrinkle creams do contain intestinal moisturisers which will plump out the skin so it seems to be cellulite or wrinkle free, but this effect is temporary. Spend your hard-earned cash on a chemical free moisturiser instead. Hair serums that claim to repair split ends are also a waste of money. The only fix for split ends is to cut them off.

Skin toners

Only people with very oily skin need a skin toner. For most people, this once important step of the cleansing routine is now redundant. Actually, toners can have a drying effect, and that will send messages to the skin cells to produce more oil. Cleansing and moisturizing are important – toning is generally irrelevant.


Fantastic claims are made for some scar treatment creams and under eye concealers, but most of these products are not as effective as the manufacturers would have you believe. Scar tissue can never be completely eradicated, although prescription creams or laser treatment may bring about a significant improvement. The same is true of most under eye concealers. If your dermatologist can not solve the problem, it's unlikely that creams on general sale can.

In recent years, the trend has been away from chemical-based products to more natural skin care treatments, and in fact some of the new breed of natural skin care products can achieve better results. This is because the ingredients in these products are designed to work with the skin to encourage cell growth and renewal and collagen production. Often this is all that is needed to give the skin a youngger, healthy look, and natural skin care products tend to be less expensive.

In the words of the famous personal care commercials, 'You're worth it!' Of course, that goes without saying. The question you should be asking yourself before splurging your salary at the beauty counter is, 'Is that product worth it?' Sadly, the answer will often be a categorical 'No!'

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Three Things Our Skin Needs On A Regular Basis

The 2 square yards of skin on our body require a lot of care because they should last in good condition for the lifetime. That's why wardrobes of most people remain crammed with countless beauty products. However, for most of us only two – three of these products everyday are enough. Yep, I said two – three. In fact, more than that may cause harm to skin in some cases.

Taking care of skin is also an art and it requires proper knowledge. So in this article we'll have a look on 3 things which our skin requires on a regular basis. Have a look:

  1. Cleansing: This is the most basic requirement of our skin. Not only it removes the dirt and extra oil from your face for giving a clear complexion, but also prepares your skin for other beauty products that you're going to use. However, all cleansers are not the same. You need to be careful while purchasing your cleanser. First of all you should keep in mind that a cleanser should always be soap-free. Secondly, you need to choose the right cleanser according to your skin type. If you've got a very dry skin then you should go for a creamy cleanser, if your skin is dry then you should choose a cleanser that's alcohol free while people with oily skin should go for an acidic alpha-hydroxy cleanser.
  2. Water: 55% – 75% of our body is made of water. Now you can guess yourself that how important element it is for the health of our skin. Like other parts of the body, skin also requires hydration. Water helps in removing the impurities from our blood, so minimizing the risk of pimples etc. and hydrates the skin so it can look smoother and clearer. You should drink at least two liters of water everyday for keeping the skin hydrated.
  3. Fatty Acids: Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs are also an important component of our body. They help in protecting the skin from the damage of harmful UV rays and pollutants. You need Omega-3 and Omega-6 EFAs for healthy skin. Omega-6 is found in cooking oils, so chances are higher that you're getting enough of it. However, Omega-3 is a bit harder to gain because it's found in cold-water fishes, spinach or kidney beans – all the things that we do not eat on a regular basis. But we can gain it easily by taking any good Omega-3 supplement. For better results you can also take another EFA known as Gamma Linolenic Acid or GLA, which comes with great anti-inflammatory properties.

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Six Easy Ways Of Keeping Your Skin Smoother and Clearer

Having clear and smooth skin gives its own unique feeling. Whether you're in a celebration or presentation, clear and good looking skin leaves increases your self-confidence by two folds. However, taking care of the largest organ in our body is not easy. It requires a lot of attention and prevention, which we often fail in providing. I know that a lot of expensive creams and treatment techniques are available in the market for accomplishing the same task, but do you know that same can be achieved in a very affordable manner by taking some appropriate steps? Those steps are given below:

  1. Stop smoking: First of all you should not smoke. Smoking arms skin in many ways. Not only it increases wrinkles in your mouth but also it decrees your cardiovascular health, which is very important for maintaining flow of blood to the skin.
  2. Do not go out without wearing sunscreen: People who spend a lot of time outdoors without wearing sunscreen age quickly in comparison to the ones who wear sunscreen before going out. More than required exposure of sun's ultraviolet rays causes damage to our skin.
  3. Avoid hot and steamy showers: This may sound difficult to you, but is also a must for maintaining the health of your skin. The hot water falling from a shower on your neck feels great enough, but it actually dries your skin and absorbs moisture from the skin.
  4. Use simple beauty products: Instead of using very good smelling creams and other beauty products, try to keep your beauty products simple and manufactured by a reputable brand. Beauty products that smell extremely good may sometimes cause irritation in your skin. Same is true for the products of non-reputed brands.
  5. Exercise: I've always been a fan of workouts – not only for the effect that they leave on the inner parts of our body, but also for the effect that they leave on our skin. You may not know it, but sweating caused by exercise releases toxins from the body. As a result, the flow of healthy and clean blood increases in our body.
  6. Take your hands off : Now something hilarious – how many times you touch your face in a day. I bet that you can not even count that. But do you know that hands are the primary source of dirt and oil for our face? This dirt and oil battles for creating a greasy complexion on the face. So keep your hands off if you want to look smoother and clearer!

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Protect Your Skin This Summer With This Superfood

The Amazing Power of Tomatoes

Not using sunscreen may increase the risk of skin cancer and other UV rays effects. Fortunately, one superfood may help protect you from these effects when you do not have sunscreen on. Tomatoes are a superfood for many reasons, but many people do not know it can protect them from the harmful effects of the sun. In addition to protection, it can beautify your skin.

Tomatoes are high in lycopene, a carotenoid and phytochemical. The lycopene is what is responsible for tomatoes being red. It's an antioxidant, which can ward off free radicals in the body. Free radical damage cells, which increase the risk of cancer.

The body does not naturally produce lycopene. The only way to get it is by eating red fruits such as tomatoes. A study on the BBC.Co.UK website found women who ate 55 grams of tomato paste every day increased their skin protection by 30 percent.

In addition to protecting people's skin, lycopene can also boost pro-collagen. This molecule protects against and reverses the effects of aging. People's skin becomes loose and dry as they age, but collagen keeps the skin firm and hydrated.

How to Add Tomatoes Into Your Diet

The United States Department of Agriculture reports the United States produced over 2 billion pounds of tomatoes and people ate 20.37 pounds per capita 2011. Tomatoes are readily available from grocery stores and farmer's markets. This makes it easy for you to eat your daily serving of tomatoes, whether it is in a sandwich, as pasta sauce or in a cooked dish.

You do not need to eat many cups of raw tomatoes to reap their benefits. You can consume tomato products such as sauce, puree, and soups. It can be quite easy to get your daily serving when you use them in your cooking. Additionally, if you eat salad often, tomatoes are an easy addition and go with a variety of different salad types.

Start Today

There's no better time than now to start protecting your skin with the beneficial properties of lycopene. Have a veggie omelet with tomatoes for breakfast, enjoy logo bisque for lunch, and add tomato sauce to your pasta for dinner. On a warm day, there's nothing better than having a cool, fresh snack of sliced ​​tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella with balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top. There are many ways to incorporate tomatoes into your diet. Start eating them today!

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Why You Should Use Unrefined Shea Butter

Shea Butter plays an important part of African skin care by not only being a natural body healer but because it can be used on your hair, to heal skin burns, cuts, dehydration, insect bites, food, and protects from anti aging. Did you know that the Shea tree is sacred and has been used for centuries, way back in Cleopatra's days? Maybe the Shea tree really does have some sacred healing powers and that is what has kept people using Butter for all these years.

Shea tree nuts grow in the Savannah of West Africa. The Shea trees can grow to be 60 feet tall. In tradition, the Shea tree does not bloom before it gets 20 years old. The trees can live to be up to 200 years old and its nuts are harvested, crushed and boiled to produce the Shea Butter found in many Alaffia skin care and alaffia products such as Alaffia soap. What makes Shea Butter an amazing healer is its natural richness that contains no unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, and is packed with rich vitamins. Vitamins are great and essential to the skin as well as can help increase circulation to the skin and increased blood supply to and from the skin and acts as a good anti-free radical agent which helps protect from UV rays from the sun.

There are two completely different types of Shea Butter. Unrefined Shea Butter is the natural, raw and purely organic Shea butter that has nothing added to it. It has a creamy texture with a nutty aroma. Its color ranges from ivory to light yellow. This is the best kind because this is the type of Shea butter that really does the trick when it comes to healing and moisturizing, mainly because it is unaltered. Refined and processed, on the other hand, does work but to a certain amount but with less vitamins. You can tell the difference because shea Butter has chemical like Hexane (which can be found in chocolate) and has been bleached, deodorized, and over-heated. Refined Shea Butter is hard, grain-like, and not too creamy.

Many cosmetic companies make Butter creams, lotions, and moisturizers for anti-aging, stretch marks, and hair products. These products also fall under the category of processed Butter because the percentage of pure Butter in these products is very low and not as effective. There are some cosmetic companies who feel the need to ask for certified for formulation and organically labeled botanical products. The reason why is for quality assurance.

Using African skin care regularly from the 1st week to the 4th week many people, men and women, saw a great change in their skin when using unrefined Butter with no added chemicals. When using refined Shea Butter many people found that when they used this type that it took them from the 4th week to the 8th week for them to get real results or to at least see some change either significant or insignificant.

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Exfoliating Your Skin The Best Way

Even after using sunblock creams, the skin remains dull, feel unprotected and hence, the demand for moisturizers and sunblock creams increases.

If you are fed up with flaky texture no matter what cream and sunblock you apply, exfoliation would probably work best for you. The need to exfoliate your skin on a regular basis is important given that your skin is typically exposed to external pollutants and the sun. However, make sure that it is done the right way. There are a few people who end up confused about this procedure which brings me tolist some of the imperatives that need to be considered during the exfoliation process:

1. Instead of picking up any random face scrub just because you love its fragrance, go for something with a chief natural ingredient like neem which is known to help prevent acne or breakouts. Beside neem, apple crabs and walnut would do well. So it's better that you go for scrubs that are effective and skin-friendly.

2. Instead of randomly rubbing the scrub onto your face, it is important to do it the right way. Gently massage the scrub in a circular motion using your fingertips. Do so for not less than 15 minutes as too much scrubbing can damage the epidermis. After a few minutes, rinse it off using running tap water or lukewarm water. The feel is instantly refreshing.

3. After the exfoliation process, do not forget to moisturize your face as your skin tends to dry out. Here, ensure that you apply a moisturizing cream, again made from natural and potent ingredients, which suits your skin type and has anti-blemish properties such that your skin benefits holistically.

4. If you can not scrub on a regular basis, do it at least twice a week in order to get rid of skin issues, flakiness, tan and itchiness.

Below these aforementioned tips, if you feel that your skin is over-sensitive for any sort of treatment at home, need not despair. There are countless treatments that are available at professional salons that you can choose from. Initially, your skin texture will be thoroughly analyzed post which the most ideal treatment would be given.

So, if you have been planning to get an exfoliation done, you can scan the internet or ask your friends if they are aware of any good salons offering it. At the end of the day, it's all about the health of your skin, which can never be compromised with.

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3 Moisturizing Myths Busted

The effects of stress, pollution and daily rigors of life make your skin lose out on vital moisturizing content. This makes your skin dry and chapped. There are various products out in the market that promise to make your skin problems go away. While some of them may be true, the single most important cosmetic product that your skin always requires is a good quality moisturizer. Moisturizers help to keep your skin hydrated and help to fight against the harmful effects of the sun rays. However, there are many misconceptions about moisturizers that we attempted to clear by stating the facts and busting the myths.

Three moisturizing myths:

Myth 1: There is a high possibility of addiction to moisturizers and lip balms

Fact: Moisturizers come in all shapes and varieties such as body lotions, body butters, lotion bars and lip balms. And no, you do not get addicted to them. If you find that your skin is becoming dry and flaky, then applying a good moisturizer is the next best thing that you can do. Opt for products that are natural and organic and avoid using products that contain methanol or eucalyptus because it can cause irritation and burning of the skin. A good moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated for long periods of time.

Myth 2: Moisturizers are only of one type

Contrary to popular beliefs, moisturizers are of many types and varieties. Some of the types are Emollients, which act as a skin softener; Humectants, which acts as water content retainer; and petrolatum, linolin or dimethicone which seals the moisturizer applied. These different varieties serve different purposes and needs for your precious skin. There are various organic moisturizing creams available in the market that has the above mentioned types of moisturizers.

Myth 3: You need different moisturizers for different body parts

This is one myth that is actually true. The skin strength and moisture are different for different body parts. For example, your face is more elaborate that other body parts as the harsh sun rays can easily affect the facial skin. Here, you need to apply organic moisturizing face cleanser instead of the usual moisturizing lotion, which may be hard for your facial skin. Even the eyelids may need a separate product because of its delicate nature. There are also moisturizers available for different seasons of the year depending upon the severity of the heat or cold in the environment.

The above three myths will help you understand the importance and usefulness of moisturizers for your skin types. Buy a good quality one from a trusted online organic lifestyle retailer.

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Herbal Skin Care for Acne

Development of Acne

Many different factors can cause acne. In addiction it is typically associated with an imbalance in steroid hormones, particularly an overabundance of testosterone, regardless of gender. Other hormones, such as certain estrogens, can also be involved. Generally such imbalances improve with maturity. Unfortunately, they often reappear and lead to repeated bouts of acne during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.

The traditional belief that chocolate or other specific foods cause acne has no scientific support. However, high-glycemic carbohydrates, especially sugar, seem to make acne worse.

At the tissue level acne originates from blockages in hair follicles. Keratin, which is the key protein that makes up the outer layer of skin, builds into a plug. Such a plug mixes with an overproduction of sebum, the oily substance that is typically secreted by pores to protect skin from drying out and cracking.

In an ideal world, sebum is supposed to travel up through the follicle, carrying with it dead skin cells out through the pore. When this normal process gets clogged, eruptions made of excess keratin, sebum, and dead skin cells appear in the skin. What's worse, this plug often gets infected with a bacterium called Propionibacterium acnes . Infection by this bacterium causes the inflammation and redness that typify acne.

Standard Treatments for Acne

Ancient approaches to treating acne have not changed much over time. Fighting excess oiliness has been a common strategy. In fact, sulfur is still used for reducing skin oiliness, which results in drying and peeling. Modern natural skin care products often contain sulfur for this purpose. Side effects of putting sulfur on the skin typically entailing drying, reddening, and a burning sensation.

Even harsher treatments have become popular, based on the use of strong oxidants that literally burn the skin. The two most common oxidants for treating acne are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. They both cause a tremendous amount of skin irritation, drying, and reddening.

Prescription treatments for acne may also contain antibiotics for severe cases. The use of antibiotics has become less effective over time due to increasing resistance of P. acnes to common antibiotics worldwide.

Herbal Skin Care

In contrast with the drastic effects of standard acne treatments, natural skin care products for acne work in harmony with skin physiology. Every culture worldwide has a history of using native plants for herbal skin care. More recently, the best of these herbs have taken center stage as significant ingredients for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin, even in the face of acne. One of the top ones is licorice root.

Research on herbal skin care often takes its lead from traditional uses of herbs. Folk medical uses of licorice root are known go back at least 4,000 years. Modern studies have begun to explain why it has been such an important herb for so long.

A 2003 study at the Skin Research Institute in South Korea provided an overview of several Oriental herbs that have therapeutic effects against acne. This study found that licorice root has an anti-lipid forming effect, which explains its importance for reducing oiliness that leads to the development of acne. As a bonus, this herb also has a strong antibacterial effect against P. acnes . The scientists who conducted the study concluded by suggesting how important licorice root is in preventing and treating lesions caused by acne.

Furthermore, in 2012, researchers at the Sree Vidyanikethan College of Pharmacy in India examined a number of herbs for their possible use as anti-acne moisturizers. They found that licorice root is an important ingredient in an optimal formula. They also pointed out its ability to control bacterial infection without any sign of skin irritation.

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Argan Oil for Face Rejuvenation: The Wonder Substance

When it comes to maintaining a healthy, youthful glow to your face, few beauty products available on the market today offer more effective rejuvenation than argan oil. What is argan oil, you ask? It's an age-defying substance derived from argan fruit, native to argan trees, in Morocco. Inside argan fruit there's a nut that when broken holds one of the most looked after beauty products available today: this oil (also known as Moroccan oil). This oil is used to add life to nails, lips, hair, and other areas that may be lacking that shine you long for.

If you're interested in clearing up your complexion, diminishing wrinkles, alleviating acne, eczema, or other issues related to your face, look no further than argan oil. Oft considered to be “miraculous,” and a “fountain of youth in a bottle,” this oil is quickly becoming the go-to rejuvenation substance for beauty and hair salons through the western world. When shopping for this oil, it's best to find products that are 100% pure oil, as opposed to those that contain only a small amount of this wonder substance, in order to witness the transformation you seek.

Here are some common afflictions for which argan oil is used as remedy:

Acne Scarring
In addition to helping alleviate unsightly blemishes caused by acne, this oil will reduce the effects of scarring as a result of months or years of pimples. These lost-repeating scars are often lightened by repetitive applications of argan oil, instilling the youthful glimmer to a part of your face you may have otherwise felt insecure about.

By using this oil on your face two or three times daily, you also reduce your likelihood of being afflicted by acne in the future. What makes argan oil for your face such an effective treatment is that it does not rely on harsh chemicals, but rather a natural occurring substance proven over hundreds of years to be a wonderful cure-all for a number of skin ailments.

If you or a loved one has suffered from flares of eczema, you know how difficult this ailment can be. Patches of dry flaky skin you want nothing more than to itch, knowing full well that if you do, you risk causing it to spread and flare further. And when this skin condition is visible on your face, it can be embarrassing to face social situations. With the help of this oil, however, eczema and its ensuing problems can become a thing of the past. In as few as five days of applying this oil to infected areas, you'll notice reduced flair-ups, less itching, and less spreading. There's a reason many refer to argan oil as “liquid gold.”

Argan Oil for Wrinkles
While you may not expect this oil to rid your face of wrinkles that have spent years forming, you can certainly make use of this helpful substance in preventing those wrinkles from becoming worse over time. Especially when used alongside proven moisturizers and other skin creams, you will notice the dramatic difference argan oil brings to your face – providing a full, youthful, and well-hydrated serenity you have not seen in years.

Like eczema, the way psoriasis affects ones outward appearance can be socially disarming. And it is often difficult to rid oneself of this skin affliction without resorting to chemical solutions and other types of medicines. Argan oil is one of the most effective natural treatments of people suffering from psoriasis today. It helps revitalize your skin, adding moisturizing and youthful puffiness to help improve your appearance and add confidence to your everyday interactions.

How to Apply Argan Oil to Your Face
Using this oil for your face is simple. The first thing you want to remember about applying argan oil negatively affected areas, though, is that it is indeed an expensive substance – it's not necessary to apply liberally.

• Wash your face to ensure that dirt, grime, residue, and other chemicals are gone from the surface.
• Use a small amount of this oil and drop it onto your hands for application. Remember to use only as much as you need to first rub into the affected areas.
• Use any excess amount of argan oil to apply to the rest of your face. Should you have a large amount left over still, be sure to make use of it by rubbing it into other areas of your body that could use moisturizing.

Argan Oil for Face Revitalization
One of the most dramatic improvements you'll see from the use of a beauty product is through argan oil. And if you find yourself using too much of it too quickly, you may also add it to other proven substances, like hand cream, moisturizer, and more!

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Laser Skin Care Treatments Pros And Cons

Acne scars, warts, pigmentation, post-surgical marks and lesions are skin care challenges that find rescue in non-invasive methods. These techniques revive and rejuvenate skin textures via prescription medications, extraction technology, chemical peels and laser therapy.

While each has its own merits, the popularity of laser therapy for skin resurfacing also questions its feasibility.

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (Laser)

Certain layers of the skin are exposed to a light beam within a prescribed wavelength that is absorbed by the target area for phased healing.

Ablative and Non-Ablative Techniques: Controlled light pulses are directed over the skin surface for either ablative or non-ablative procedures.

Non-ablative therapy concentrates only on the lower skin layers (dermis). This treatment is effective on brown spots and pigmentation which can eliminate or reduce redness caused due to broken capillaries. It also improves fine lines and minor wrinkles. Repeated non-ablative therapy can also help collagen restoration.

Swelling, short-term bruising that could minimize in a few days, temporary darkening of treated skin areas, redness and other skin damages akin to sunburns may be caused with non-ablative techniques. However, these side effects are temporary and skin often gets restored to the desired texture.

Ablative laser therapy targets both the dermis and the epidermis (outer skin layer) by damaging the skin's surface. This resurfacing method is ideal for reducing deep or surface wrinkles and also treats skin pigmentation. This therapy can reverse the impact of sun damage by reviving a new healthier skin.

Be cautious of boring, swelling, scabbing and other forms of long term irritation and scarring with post-ablative therapy.

Acne Treatment : Laser therapy has been effective for treating acne in the past past but, care must be taken to undergo this treatment under trained professionals.

Facial Surgeries : For extreme conditions of deep wrinkles, sun damage, spots and scars, laser facial surgery is effective. Bruising, dryness and swelling which normally subsides within days are some common side effects. Post-operative infections and discolouration of skin are the other problems with laser surgeries.

Vascular and pigmented lesions, varicose veins, spider veins, hair removal and removal of tattoo are some of the other conditions that are cured with laser skin treatments. Stained skin following nasal piercing or iron injections also often react well to laser treatments.

Precautions and Dangers : For treatment of lesions it is advisable to space out the treatments for six weeks or more to enable the body to rid off dispersed pigments and restore true skin tone.

It is possible to remove tattoos that are colored red; while green, yellow and orange colors are difficult to remove. White tattoos usually do not respond to laser treatments.

Other side effects are uneven skin tone in dark skinned individuals with high melanin pigmentation. Laser surfacing can cause skin irritation leading to dermatitis and acne-like conditions.

Therapy can cause reactivation of herpes virus in individuals suffering from cold sores. Skin oversensitivity is a common problem that can be alleviated by minimal exposure to the sun for about a year post-treatment. Always consult a skin specialist for post-operative care best suited to your skin conditions.

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Disorders of Pigmentation

Pigmentation of the skin plays a significant role in one's appearance and sense of well being. Disorders of pigmentation can cause stress and embarrassment. Skin color results from the presence of melanin, produced by skin cells called melanocytes. The amount and distribution of melanin is responsible for human skin color. In darker skinned individuals, melanocytes produce more melanin, and they undergo degradation more slowly than in lighter skinned people. UV irradiation results in increased production of melanin causing tanning. Disorders causing increased pigmentation may affect people of all skin colors, but they afflict darker skinned individuals more commonly. A few such conditions are discussed.


This is a commonly encountered disorder of pigmentation. It is referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” as it most commonly appears during pregnancy, although it can also be caused by taking the oral contraceptive pill. It appears as blotches of pigmentation on the face, in areas of sun exposure. The most likely factors causing this problem are oestrogen and UV light. Melasma rarely abates spontaneously, and is often challenging to treat. Sun avoidance and the use of a high SPF sunscreen are necessary to protect against further melanin production. The melasma itself can be treated with skin lightening creams and chemical peels.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Any affliction of the skin eg. acne, eczema and trauma may result in PIH in susceptible individuals. It appears as irregular darkly pigmented spots occurring in areas of previous inflammation. It occurs due to increased melanin synthesis being produced in response to an insult to the skin. This condition is difficult to treat because affected individuals develop PIH following infection, It can be treated by peels and skin depigmenting creams.

Under eye circles

The causes of this very common complaint are poorly understood. Once again, sun avoidance and protection are necessary. If the areas under the eyes are hollow, the injection of hyaluronic acid filler may help alleviate the appearance of dark circles. Chemical peels and depigmenting creams are generally used to treat this condition.

Hydroquinone has traditionally been used as a depigmiting agent, however, its undesirable side effects limit its use. Many naturally occurring compunds found in plants have been discovered to lighten skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. These include (but are not limited to) azelaic acid, phytic acid, resorcinol, kojic acid, licorice extract, resveratrol and arbutin.

A new peel containing resorcinol, phytic acid and azelaic acid has been specifically formulated to treat disorders of pigmentation such as melasma. These 3 agents work synergistically as powerful depigmenting agents.

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Why You Should Use Face and Body Creams With Natural Ingredients

Lately, there is an increased awareness regarding the products people use on a daily basis and what they contain. People use so many cosmetics every day without even realizing the amount of harmful toxins that they put into their bodies, in an attempt to feel and look better. Everything these days is loaded with harmful substances; from the shampoo we use to wash our hair, to the creams we put on our face in the wish to make us look better. However, very few people realize that they are doing more harm than good in the long run. This is why more and more cosmetics producers are now researching the market to offer their customers natural products that will help their skin recover or maintain its natural beauty. Even common products such as anti aging face cream is very important to be made from natural ingredients that will allow mature skin to recover its natural properties and look youthful and healthy.

Few people are aware of the fact that when they use creams loaded with chemicals, even if they see beneficial effects on the moment, in the long run they will be doing more harm to their bodies and end up needing a more aggressive treatment. However, when you use a natural product from the beginning, you offer your body the chance to regain the nutrients it lacked and recover from the inside out in a completely natural way. Many people these days deal with skin conditions that are mainly caused by all the negative things that we put into their bodies. From the food they eat to the cosmetics they use, everything plays a part in a person's health condition. To this extent, not even the best eczema cream may help you fight your condition, if everything else you use in your day to day life is filled with harmful substances.

In addition, the best creams are always those that are made from organic ingredients. Many people quit using these products because they may show their beneficial effect a little slower than traditional products, but they forget that they are much more likely to maintain those beneficial effects obtained from an organic skin for a longer time. Everyone has used a cream with great results at some point, only to discover that their condition has returned after they had stopped using that cream. However, those who choose to use only natural products will maintain their health and beneficial effects even after their treatment is over.

All in all, whether you want to use a good anti aging face cream or you are just looking for something to hydrate your face and body, it is very important to choose something made from natural ingredients, that will help your body heal from inside out and allow you to take a break from all the negative substitutes that are found in products used on a daily basis. You do not have to look too much for such products, because more and more companies are beginning to offer organic and holistic products.

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Sunscreen For Healthy Skin

Being outside can be fun. Many activities require us to be outside for long periods of time. Unfortunately, we have to deal with sunburn and ways to protect our skin from UV rays. Measures can be taken to lower the chances of being sunburned. You can wear extra forms of clothing such as sunglasses or a hat to protect your head. The most popular is using a sunscreen. This can help prevent your skin becoming red and also from peeling as a result from sunburn. Many different products are available to use for your needs. What have you experienced using sunscreens? Does it bother you to use it? Let us share some ideas with you to assist in protecting your skin.

Having a variety can be good, but you may be having difficulty finding a sunscreen that works best for you. Are you still searching for the best sunscreen? You're chances of using a sunscreen are better if you actually like it. Trying products with natural ingredients can be beneficial to you if you have sensitive skin. There are also products available designed for kids. You can also try making your own home sunscreen. It is recommended you do your own research on ingredients you decide to use to ensure safety. There is some controversy on making your own and the effectiveness. Some ingredients can include aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter. All of which can moisturize your skin as well. You are going to have to experiment to find a recipe that will work best for you. Again, please use good judgment and research the ingredients you want to use.

Using a sunscreen can be very simple to use. You generally want to give yourself a window of time before you actually go out into the sun when applying. It is best to apply a generous amount of the sunscreen on your skin. Be sure to cover as much of your body as possible. This can include your ears, nose, face, etc. If you are sweating or expose yourself to water, you may need to reapply more sunscreen to prolong protection. It is also recommended to reapply a sunscreen every two hours to reinforcement protection. If you are unsure about using a sunscreen, you can test on a small area of ​​your skin to see how your skin will react. Hopefully by now you have a good overview of using sunscreens and how they can help you.

To sum everything up, using a sunscreen can be a good way to minimize the risk of getting burned from the sun. Be open to try different products and ideas that can assist you. It is recommended you consult with a healthcare professional if you are still unsure about protecting your skin. We hope this article was able to help you decide if using the methods listed above can help you. We wish you the best!

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What Are The Benefits Of Venus Freeze Treatment?

Noninvasive cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular and in recent years, many individuals have taken advantage of them. It is also a field of medicine that is constantly in motion, with new products coming out and existing products being upgraded to meet with new technological advances. One of the options that can be considered for those who would like to tighten their skin and sometimes even lose some inches is a Venus Freeze treatment. What are the benefits that are available from this treatment?

Before we discuss the benefits, it's a good idea for you to understand the basics of the Venus Freeze treatment program and how it works. The device that is used for the Venus Freeze treatment incorporates both magnetic pulsed fields and multi-polar radio frequency. The multi-polar radio frequency causes a reaction in the skin, which invokes the natural healing response of the body. In turn, it causes the formation of new collagen and an increase in elastin fiber production.

The primary benefits that are offered with Venus Freeze treatments are a reduction in wrinkles and a tightening of the skin. The cosmetic effects that are available from this treatment are not only seen on the face, it can be used on any part of the body. It is frequently used for the reduction of cellulite and it is also helpful to women who have recently had a child and are trying to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. There are various size applicators available, depending upon the part of the body that is being treated.

Many people shy away from having cosmetic procedures done because there is typically a degree of pain that is involved. With Venus Freeze treatments, however, there is no pain that is felt by the patient. The thermal reaction that is taking place in the skin with the use of this type of treatment can heat the skin up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit without any discomfort in the person that is being treated.

Another concern for many individuals is the downtime that is often associated with cosmetic procedures. In some invasive cosmetic procedures, it may take weeks before you are feeling like yourself again. When you go in for a Venus Freeze treatment, you can have it completed in the office and immediately resume your day-to-day activities. It is a very convenient way for you to experience the benefits that it offers, either in your spare time or even over your lunch hour.

One other benefit of Venus Freeze treatments is the fact that it provides instantaneous results. Unlike many other types of noninvasive cosmetic procedures, you can see that it is working immediately and it provides long-lasting benefits to those who take advantage of what it has to offer.

Although there are many options available for skin-tightening and body contouring, Venus Freeze is certainly an option that you would want to consider. It can provide you with the benefits that you desire in a convenient way which will allow you to enjoy those benefits without the risks that are sometimes associated with other procedures.

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Revitol Skin Care Products

Revitol is known for its wide array of skin care products. What makes the brand even more interesting to many is its promise of helping manage skin care issues naturally. The product range is natural in the sense that it has the safest, most effective ingredients as gifted by nature. Get to know the skin care products along its line.

1. Revitol Stretch Mark – This skin care product from the brand Obviously offers help when it comes to stretch marks. This cream comes in a compact tube and has vouched to help with pregnancy stretch marks and all other types of stretch marks in the body. It combines Vitamin E and squalene amongst its list of ingredients.

2. Revitol Cellulite Formula – Revitol's Cellulite Formula promises reduced and decreased cellulite formation in areas where it commonly occurs. Like the stretch mark formulation, this one comes in cream form. It has caffeine, an ingredient known to fight the skin condition.

3. Revitol Skin Brightener – This product boasts of its capacity to help address skin issues on discoloration and uneven tone. It has the ingredient Arbutin which is known to help lighten dark-colored areas. Likewise, it has Shea Butter, a major ingredient in many moisturizer products out there.

4. Revitol Hair Removal Cream – Yes, you read it right. Revitol already has its own hair removal product. This item from the product line is known as any person's most effective alternative to the costly laser surgery.

5. Revitol Scar Cream – For those of you who have problems with scar removal, this skin care product is an option. It has a unique formulation guaranteed to help address scars making you say goodbye to them for good.

6. Revitol Rosacea – If rosacea is your concern, never fret! Revitol has its own cream to help solve your worries with this skin condition. It contains anti-inflammatory as well as bacteria-fighting agents which main targets are the redness thought about by rosacea on your skin.

7. Revitol Anti-Aging Solution – For those of you who want to bring back that fountain of youth, this treatment skin care product is a good solution. Packed with ingredients that soften your skin and give it a radiant glow, this one is ideal for both men and women.

The above-mentioned Revitol skin care products are but some of the great finds from Revitol's list. There are a lot more of items from the brand's list that will help with your skin problems.

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