Psoriasis can be defined as an inveterate, non-communicable and persistent skin problem which is illustrated by thick patches of red over the skin which is covered with white scales. It spreads to all over the body without proper treatment is done at the right time. The disease causes patches of various colors ranging from red to white on the skin. It is a very embarrassing problem as people tend to look ugly while suffering from this disease. Various kinds of treatment help to keep the disease under control. It can affect various body parts which include the scalp, genital area and nails.

Causes of Psoriasis

• Psoriasis normally occurs when the immune system of a person's body tends to overreact.
• In many cases, psoriasis has been found to be hereditary as the disease has been passed from one generation to the next.
• The condition can aggravate in times of stress, infection and extreme weather conditions. It becomes really difficult to bear the flare-ups.
• Scientists have found smoking to be a very important cause for psoriasis to occur.
• However the disease is not at all contagious.

Symptoms and diagnosis of Psoriasis

• Initially, rash takes place in patches of skin and causes scaling of skin to take place. It becomes very uncomfortable to bear them.
• The joints in various parts of the body become swollen. This is very painful.
• The nails can be affected due to this disease and that is another very important symptom.
• Usually the doctors diagnose this skin disease just by inspecting the patches on the skin.
• In order to eliminate chances of a fungal infection, a KOH test is performed on the skin.
• However, there is no need to conduct any special test to diagnose this disease.

Treatment of Psoriasis

The treatments of this disease are normally performed by the patient himself at his home. The doctors instruct the patient to take certain care. The patients just need to follow those instructions.

• The main intention during the treatment is always keeping the skin moist. Various kinds of lotions and creams are prescribed to do so.
• The patients are advised not to expose the skin to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
• The crusts of the patches can be gently peeled off after application of the lotions for a period of time. This helps in faster recovery from this disease.
• Certain herbal skin medicines can be applied. However the patient should test which product suits him the best and use that product.
• Any kind of injury to the skin or infections must be avoided at all costs.

Psoriasis is that a very serious disease and treatment must be started as soon as the disease is diagnosed.