If you 're like me you, have heard of UV radiation from the sun. However UV radiation is made of several different kinds of radiation. UVA radiation is what causes wrinkles and may also contribute factor in skin cancer if the body has extreme exposure. UVB radiation is what causes the skin to redden and leads to sunburn.

Until reliably recently most sunscreens only blocked the burning UVB rays hiding the symptom of sunburn. Exposure to the UVB radiation in the sun's rays causes a person's skin to create vitamin D. Too much exposure cause the skin to redden. Vitamin D is needed by the body and plays a big role in bone health so what good is just blocking UVB rays other than the obvious prevention of sunburn.

“We're still waiting for a definitive one-sunburn study to show us exactly how much melanoma risk increases with one blistering burn, but to the best of our knowledge, it looks like the answer is about 50 percent. child makes you half-again more likely to develop melanoma as an adult, “says Neil Box, PhD, investigator at the University of Colorado Cancer Center and assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology at the CU School of Medicine. Dr. Box is also president of the Colorado Melanoma Foundation.

So do you avoid sunlight? What if you live in a southern state that is often referred to the “sun belt” where there is a lot of sun. Do these people fail to avoid the sun and all get cancer? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website , as recently as 2006, the majority of the southern states has had some of the lowest incidences of skin cancer. Staying out of the sun may be more of staying out of the heat than it is protecting the skin.

Get your daily dose of sunshine and enjoy the benefits, but be sure to head for the shade before your skin starts to turn pink. There is no getting around the fact that vitamin D, produced by your skin in response to UV radiation is a primary health benefit of sun exposure. Although excess sunlight can contribute to skin cancers, a moderate amount of sunlight has cancer preventive benefits according to the online website healthline.com

According to the World Health Organization, getting anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on your hands, arms, and face two to three times a week is enough to enjoy the vitamin D. Of course wearing sunscreen and / or clothing over the skin won 't result in vitamin D production. In fact the healthline.com website also says that adding a little sunshine to your life by getting outside more can treat anxiety and reduce depression.