Some cultures value dark skin more than light skin, and vice versa. If you want to know the advantages of having a dark skin, read on.

Before discussing the benefits, let us first discuss why the skin becomes dark. The main reason behind it is melanin. Melanin is the substance that can be found in the skin that gives the color or the pigmentation. When your skin is dark, it means that you have a high level of melanin in your skin. But this is okay because melanin can have many benefits.

The first benefit is protection. Exposure to the sun can be very dangerous at times. Although you need it for Vitamin D, there are certain times of the day when you should not stay under the sun because of the harmful UV rays. These UV rays can damage the cells in your body and they can lead to skin aging. Dark skin can protect you from these UV rays because the melanin protects the skin to a certain depth. This means that the people who have darker skin are less likely to develop cancer from UV rays. In fact, the reason why the skin becomes dark under the sun is the skin's protective act to prevent UV rays from damaging cells.

The second benefit is skin age. Experts have examined the ages of the skin for fair and dark people. It has shown that dark skin is reliably healthier and younger than the light one. It is healthier because it can recover from damage easily and can suppress aging signs such as the appearance of spots and wrinkles. This is because the melanin protects the skin from these.

The third benefit is resistance. Have you ever noticed that many dark people can withstand heat and cold better than people with a fair complexion? They can stay longer in a hot or cold area because their skin is protecting them and giving them the ability to survive under extreme temperatures.

The fourth benefit is for the nervous system and the immune system. Dark skin helps the body in fighting diseases and bacteria. When an insect bites dark skin, the melaninacts and kills the bacteria before it even gets to the bloodstream. This is mainly the reason why people who have dark skin are less likely to develop skin allergies and rashes. It is the lighter-skinned people who often get the rash and the itchy bumps.

The next time you go in front of the mirror, you should not be so down because of your dark skin. It's beautiful and healthy. You just have to learn how to carry it and be proud of it.