Warts are basically small outgrowths which pop up on your skin. They are not cancerous, and totally harmless. But as they look awful and unattractive, most of the individuals want their warts removed. Warts can develop on any place of the body, however they tend to occur on the feet, hands, neck and face most commonly.

The major population infected with warts is Americans. These problems can be major or minor. This is a common skin problem among all Americans and it is not considered a minor issue. At least once in a lifetime, most Americans experience development of warts.

The main cause of warts is Human Papilloma Virus (HVP). Also warts is contagious but there is an exception to this. Even if you have direct contact with a person who has warts, you might not develop them. This totally depends on how hygienic you keep your skin. The condition of your skin lot depends on whether you would get susceptible to warts. So the bottom line is take care of your skin and be cleanliness freak.

Now there is no defined age group who get Warts. Just anyone can develop a wart. Warts can occur to just about anyone. Commonly they occur in children, adults and even elderly. Therefore any one can develop a wart irrespective of their age, sex or race. Most of the times warts are harmless but though they are harmless, they can be painful. Also the amount of pain you suffer, all depends on where it is located. Therefore you may or may not want to remove the wart.

It is advised to contact your local physician, if you want to have your wart removed. Your physician will, not only give you information on effective treatment, but also examine your wart. If you have a health insurance coverage, the doctor's visit charges as well as wart removal charges would be covered. Therefore if you have a health insurance, then there should not be any reason for not visiting your physician.

However if you do not have any health insurance, or no time to visit the doctor, there are numerous over-the-counter treatment options which you can avail to. These treatments cost around five to thirty dollars. But you still have to be cautious while treating yourself.

The information given above are just a few essentials, for understanding warts. For further information about warts and wart removal options, please speak to a professional healthcare provider. Additionally you can find valuable inputs online.