The first thing we associate our skin with is “protection”. Indeed, our skin is an incredible defense barrier against the “outside” that was developed in our evolution. If we look, there are several organizations that have so called “barriers from the outside” from cells to more complex organisms like insects, animals and humans. This common feature is very useful because it allows us to live in extreme conditions, yet reserve the inherent properties of our bodies such as temperature, water content and mineral composition. However, among the very practical functions of our skin (more are listed on Wikipedia) probably the ones we care most about are the aesthetics and communication. In fact, the color of our skin is indicator of our health and communicates attractiveness. Therefore, it is not surprising that we are attracted by tanned skin rather than pales ones. Indeed, from an evolutionary point of view some people developed a more tanned skin not only to offer major protection against the sunlight but also to mask occasional signs of sickness and result more attractive for our partners. Skin is also an indicator of youth, in fact with aging the skin loses elasticity, hence its attractiveness. However, there are some remedies we could use to keep our skin healthy. One of them has been used for centuries and it's “oil”.

Why is oil good for our skin?

To understand this we must consider that our skin is composed of many layers and the most external one is actually oil. In fact, the sebaceous glands in our skin secret oil which acts as a lubricant and is able to maintain our skin moistened and healthy. However, with time there is a build-up of dead cells on the outside layers that clogs the pores of our skin, thereby affecting the ability of our skin to maintain its homeostasis. As most of you know, oil and water are not miscible, for this reason even intense showers may not be enough to ensure removal of dead cells and impurities from our skin. Conversely, by massaging our skin with oil we can easily remove all the impurities that clog our pores because the oil we use it's miscible with the oil secreted by our skin. It's common knowledge that oil is good for your skin, and we used it for centuries, but I guess very few people really know why, I hope you found this post useful.