I have never liked to shave because it has always seen something that was time consuming and annoying. However my wife prefers me without a beard and I would rather keep her happy than grow hair on my face. This is of course not a new problem, but one that mankind has been dealing with for many thousands of years. With improvements of metal blades and lubrication for the face we have managed to reduce the two leading causes of razor burn. I do not want to think about shaving before theseventions because there is probably a good reason everyone had a facial hair and long bears in the past.

The newest product in the world of skin care for men is aftershave. If you are like me it is something that your father or grandmother used. Early aftershave from the 1980s was a man splashing a fragrant alcohol-based formula on his freshly shaven face covered with the tiny little cuts. This of course made it sting as the alcohol got into any cuts on your face. Aftershave served its purpose of helping your face heal. Razors make cuts and aftershave cleans the skin and helps to protect those cuts from getting infected. However, alcohol dries the skin and in today's world is not a bad thing to avoid putting on your face if you have sensitive skin.

Many aftershaves these days are marked to men as a fragrance product like perfumes are to women. Most fragrances are made up of synthetic chemicals. Synthetic ingredients are used in the majority of skincare products because they are almost always cheaper than natural ingredients and they help the product last longer on the shelf. Not all of them are harmful, but since what you put on your skin is absorbed through the skin, not to mention cuts on your face, it looks like a good idea to be careful with any you put on your skin and especially your face. Fragrances do not even help with shelf life and are often made from toxic chemicals.

If your product requires a fragrance to be added to make it smell good then you should definitely be questioning the ingredients. Instead look for natural ingredients like essential oils that are all-natural, scented oils extracted from plants. Types of essential oils commonly found in body products include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oils.

In conclusion the best choice is to avoid products with a fragrance and go with unscented lotion or aftershave. Now that you know the reasons you can make an informed decision. If you want to learn more about the skin care products I recommend then please visit my website.